Protecting Our Marine Environment

As the 2nd Dive Shop in Cyprus to be certified as PADI Eco Centre we strive to to safeguard the splendour and diversity of the marine environment. At Cyprus Diving Adventures, we are dedicated to nurturing the delicate marine ecosystems through sustainable practices and responsible initiatives by taking the PADI Save the Ocean Pledge.

Protecting the Marine Environment

We demonstrate our commitment by actively participating in the PADI Aware Adopt the Blue Program. We have adopted two dive sites (Cynthiana East and West) that we regularly dive at, monitor and undertake ocean clean ups so please let us know if you want to participate in one. We report our clean up activities with the PADI Dive Against Debris and Green Fins initiatives. 


Providing Education

For all our beginner courses we offer a discounted eco option to help new divers understand the importance of protecting the marine environment whilst earning an additional PADI qualification. For certified divers we offer PADI environmental Specialities including Underwater Naturalist, Fish Identification and PADI AWARE Dive against Debris. Please contact us if you want to. 


Enhancing Diver Ability – Code of Conduct

We all abide by safety protocols to have a fun dive, but at Cyprus Diving adventures we also follow protocols to help you protect the marine environment both on your current dive as well as future dives. As members of the Green Fins initiative we promote their Code of Conduct. Remember, we’ve got a “hands-off” policy down there – no underwater high-fives or fishy handshakes! And no feeding the fish, they’re on a diet! We only wear gloves during cold water or wreck dives. Leaving trash around is a big no-no, even cigarettes! No paparazzi strobe lights for our underwater celebrities, they need their beauty sleep! And please, no poking or prodding marine life with muck sticks – they’re not into it! Stay buoyant like a boss and steer clear of the bottom so not to kick up sediment. As you may have guessed we don’t support spearfishing, as we want more fish for us to see! Listen to the briefings and make sure you do your safety checks before getting in the water. Remember if you get separated from the group, search for for 1minute before ascending – they will do the same so you will be reunited soon. And, of course, always wear your regulator and keep your mask on – until you are out of the water or on the boat – we’re stylish till the very end! If you are going to use sun protection then please remember this HAS to be bee reef safe. Remember, we’re all about fun, so we will provide mentoring (underwater and in debriefings) on how to improve, but mess with the rules, and we’ll show you the exit. 


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