Limassol Wrecks

The Limassol Wrecks comprise the Lady Thetis and Constandis that were both sunk in 2014 as part of an artificial reef project.


The Costandis was originally a bottom trawler named Zolotets (built in the USSR in 1989) and currently sits at a depth of 18m-23m. Although a small wreck there is much to explore with easy swim throughs and penetration options. Among the notable features are the deck, pilothouse, the hold, and a wire-wrapped cylinder, whilst the engine room is ideal for wreck specialty courses. It can be a bit dark in places so bring a torch to explore the nooks and cranny’s.


Lady Thetis is 200m away from the Costandis. It was originally a coastal passenger vessel named Reiher (built in West Germany in 1953) and then a Cypriot passenger ship. Like the Costandis it has a number an easy swim throughs as well It so features such as the dining tables can still be seen on the top deck.


The area is prone to mild currents although this doesn’t impact the enjoyability of these dive sites.




  • Dive Experience: All divers must have a dives logged and signed within the past 6 months, If you don’t then we would like to undertake a local shore dive with us so that check on buoyancy, trim, weighting etc. This is for your safety and enjoyment.
  • NITROX: This is a huge wreck and there is loads to see so it is preferable to get NITROX certificates to get the most out of your dive. So let us know if you would like to undertake the NITROX speciality course at a discounted price.
  • OW Divers: Diving within your limits means that OW Divers can only see the top of the very top of the Limassol wrecks (18m). As such we would recommend enrolling on the Advanced Open Water (2 day) course. With this you will get to explore the Zenobia on your Deep Adventure dive as well as improve your skills.
Limassol Wrecks Dive Sites
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