Elpida Wreck

The Elpida Wreck was submerged in 2019 within in Larnaca’s Marine Protected Area to create the region’s first artificial reef. The Elpida was used as an active cargo vessel in Greece until she was sent to Cyprus specifically to be repurposed as an artificial reef.


The vessel quickly attracted a diverse array of marine life which continues to grow and thrive. Divers can commonly spot amberjack, blue-spotted cornetfish, cardinalfish, damselfish, grouper, long-spined urchin, octopi, parrotfish, pearl oyster, squirrelfish, thorny oyster and yellow spotted pufferfish. On rare occasions Dolphins have also been sighted at the reef.


The size of the Elpida makes it an ideal introduction into wreck diving with long bottom times. The cargo containers and all decks are fully accessible to divers. The main deck starts at 20 metres, whilst the masts start at 10 metres. Divers can also access the large container area of the ship, the engine room, and the bridge. There are several decks suitable for confined diving and wreck penetration.  A torch advisable to explore and fully enjoy the darker crevices.




  • Dive Experience: All divers must have a dives logged and signed within the past 6 months, If you don’t then we would like to undertake a local shore dive with us so that we can check on buoyancy, trim, weighting etc. This is for your safety and enjoyment.
  • NITROX: This is a huge wreck and there is loads to see. For this reason NITROX is a requirement for diving with us. So that you get the most out of your dive. So let us know if you would like to undertake the NITROX speciality course as part of your Elpida Dive for a discounted price.
  • OW Divers: Diving within your limits means that OW Divers can only see the top of the Elpida (18m). Although this is still enjoyable we only take out Advanced Open Water Divers who have a 30m limit. If you would like to enrol on our the Advanced Open Water (2 day) course or above. With this you will get to explore the Elpida on your Deep Adventure dive as well as improve your skills.
Elpida Wreck
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