Technical Diving

Technical diving Cyprus

Our experienced Instructors offer Technical Diving to the best sites in Cyprus and training courses from TDI and PADI (DSAT) TecRec.

There are some excellent technical dive sites in Cyprus, with different types of diving and a range of depths available. From the world famous Zenobia wreck to the islands, deep walls, caves, marine life and pinnacles of St. Georges Island and Jubilee Shoals.

If you are looking to start Technical diving it’s not as complicated as you may think. You use the same theories, principles and techniques as a recreational diver. Technical diving though will improve your buoyancy, dive knowledge and overall dive skills as all these become all the more important.

Technical diving is one of the next steps in diving. You are starting to move beyond the limits of recreational diving to dive deeper and for longer. To be a Technical diver you will train to dive with different equipment and gases, learn to plan and execute dives within decompression obligations and train for emergency situations. You will plan and use advanced diving techniques in an excellent learning environment.

For those of you that want to try it for the first time we provide Discover Tec Diving experience dives in shallower water. This provides an introduction to the theory, equipment and procedures. Please see our Discover Tec Diving page for more details.

Welcome to the world of technical diving !



These courses all include training dives to the Zenobia or Elpida Wrecks !!

There is an option to complete your course materials online or with the manual version before you arrive in Cyprus, please enquire for more details.

Prices for all courses INCLUDE - all materials including online eLearning, full equipment, boat fees, gas and certification fee - THERE ARE NO EXTRAS 

Discounts also apply for 2 divers or more starting from 10%. 

TDI Advanced Nitrox - 4 dives €420

MAX depth 40m

Start of your technical diving training. Includes learning to use the equipment, accelerated decompression, dive planning, gas management, buoyancy, tables & computers.

TDI Decompression Procedures - 4 dives €440

MAX depth 45mtdi cyprus

The Decompression Procedures course builds on from the Adv. Nitrox course, using computer generated tables and staged decompression dives.

TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures courses COMBINED - 6 dives €780

Doing the two courses together as an integrated course is a very popular option, and it gives you the same levels of competence and experience whilst saving time and cost.


DISCOVER TEC -    1 diver €85      2 divers €65 each     Follow up dive on the same day €20

PADI (DSAT) TEC40 - 4 dives €475

MAX depth 40m

The first step. Covers all aspects of initial skills & knowledge required. Limited decompression and staged gas of up to 50%padi tecrec

PADI TEC45 - 4 dives €475

MAX depth 45m

Next step from TEC40. Planning Decompression dives, with staged deco of up to 100% Oxygen.

PADI TEC50 - 4 dives €475

MAX depth 50m

Complete decompression dives up to 50m using computer software and producing tables and ready to carry out own technical dives.


The TecRec courses have now been updated to integrate 2 or all 3 of the courses in a similar way to the TDI courses. Now you can combine both the TEC40 & 45 course or the TEC45 & 50 course.

TEC40/45 and TEC45/50 integrated course price is €850

Price for the TEC40, 45 & 50 combined course is €1175

Discounts apply for 2 divers or more booking together from 10%


Wreck technical dives

Dive Trips

Our excellent technical dive sites include;


‘TOP 6’ wreck dive in the world
Not to be missed ! You can dive this wreck for a week and still not see it all !
Many penetration dives – 3 lorry decks, cafeteria, accommodation, lift shafts etc.
Amazing cargo’s still intact and a protected marine reserve. Best sea life in Cyprus.

ST.GEORGES ISLAND, off Akamas National Park - MAX depth 70m

Fantastic deep walls over 100ft, excellent marine life, deep amphora and ancient debris.


A famous underwater seamount jutting up from the seabed and largest reef in Cyprus. Pinnacle at 18m, massive walls to the seabed. Aeroplane remains along the wall and a massive cave at 38m. Incredible drop-offs and much more to be explored.

Dive packages are available on all of these dives for individuals, groups and for number of days diving.