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Zenobia diving with a mottled grouper Great wreck marine life Lorries on the zenobia wreck


At Cyprus Diving Adventures we want to offer you the best diving with a choice of dive sites all around the island. So if you choose to do a couple of dives close to your local resort, or you want to experience boat diving off the Akamas or from Latchi, take a trip to the Zenobia or Cape Greko, we provide dive trips to all of these fantastic destinations and more.

For the best diving in Cyprus consider the stunning underwater scenery and formations diving off Paphos, Island diving at St Georges, Copo and Manajin, the superb seamount, caves and wall at Jubilee Shoals, the marine reserve surrounding the Limassol wrecks and Reefs, and of course the incredible Zenobia wreck.

We are pleased to report that Cyprus's new artificial reef is nearing completion and will be ready at the end of 2019 to welcome visitors - both marine and human! The ‘Elpida’ and ‘LEF1’ vessels are being suitably prepared by the Fisheries Department to be sunk off the coast of Voroklini with the aim to enrich marine biodiversity and cement Cyprus's status as a top diving destination worldwide.

Elpida (which means ‘hope’) is a commercial vessel from Greece that is 63 metres long and will be sunk to a depth of 30 metres.The LEF1 vessel is 16 metres long and will be sunk to a shallower depth of about 15-18 metres for less experienced divers. It is anticipated that marine life will flourish soon after the establishment of the reef, adding to Cyprus’s existing range of dive sites. It won't take too long before these artificial reefs are colonised and the ongoing development of it's own eco system will begin.

Diving in Cyprus offers a range of dive sites from reefs to wrecks, walls to caves and has an abundance of varied marine life. Dives include a number of wrecks, massive reefs, caverns & caves, deep walls and a range of depths to suit from beginners to the most experienced divers. The marine life is also excellent in many areas with grouper, turtles, jacks, barracuda, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, lobster, pipefish, breams, wrasses, sea stars, pufferfish, triggerfish, moray eels and so much more.
Full dive and accommodation package deals are also available for any group sizes including couples and individuals. Contact us for more details.

Here are just some examples of the dive sites available;


Just 30 minutes north of Paphos lies the beautiful marina resort of Latchi. With crystal clear waters and abundant sea life these dive trips are a must for any diver. The islands offer incredible underwater features with swim throughs, walls up to 33 metres, caves, ancient amphorae and stunning topography. Dives are suitable for all levels.

St. George's and Copo are 2 of the best dive locations in Cyprus

From the stunning St. George's Island where we can see large shoals of barracuda, octopus, moray eels, large shoals of grouper and bream, large predatory Jacks, sponges, nudibranch, cuttlefish, squid, cornet and trumpet fish, tuna, turtles, anemones and much more. To the beautiful Fontana Amororosa where there are ancient offerings to the goddess Aphrodite scattered on the sea bed, our trips to Latchi have an adventure for everyone.

St George's Island Boat 6m – 50m +Diving with Cuttlefish Divers in paphosCopo Island Boat 6m – 30m
Muzak Island Boat 6m – 25m
Fontana Amorosa Boat 14m
Ampitheatre Boat/Shore 6m – 24m

Akamas/Coral Bay/Paphos/Limassol

The rocky coast of Paphos gives us excellent sites with amazing topography. From Manajin Island with its Jurassic Park like rock features on its south side, to White River's stunning rock formations of an old ancient river bed, Pistol Bay's numerous large swim throughs, the Paphos wrecks, to the beautiful underwater formations of the Stage and Ampitheatre, this area has an incredible range of diving. Probably the best concentration of five sites on the island and ideally suited for all levels from beginners to the more experienced. These sites offer superb diving with sea life including barracuda, turtles, grouper, jacks, trumpet fish, rays, numerous wrasses, cuttlefish, squid, sponges, starfish, bream, sea cucumbers, sea hares, seahorses, anemones, squirrel fish and hatchet fish.

Further down the coast on the other side of Pissouri from Paphos is the Limassol area. Since early 2014 there have been 2 artificial reefs in the form of 2 wrecks purposely sank for diving tourism and they are a massive success. Along with a number of reefs in between the 2 wrecks there is a lot to explore and an abundance of marine life that has developed its own eco system over the past 4 or 5 years. Please see our website page especially on the Limassol Wrecks for more details. 

Manijin Island Boat/Shore to 30m
St George's Island Boat to 40m
White River Shore 14m
Pistol Bay Shore 10m – 22mPaphos diving Shoal of barracuda  

The Stage Shore 15m
Amphitheatre Shore 12m – 25m
Cynthiana Shore 12m – 18m
Airport Bay Shore 12m
Orrin Bay Shore 12m
Vera K Wreck Boat 14m
Achilles Wreck Boat 14m
Moulin Rocks Boat 12m
White Star Wreck Boat 15m

Laboe wreck 26m


Pissouri has one of the top dive sites in Cyprus with Jubilee Shoals. With a wall at 30 metres that drops down to the depths of 60m+ this is very much a site not for the beginner. It is an underwater pinnacle that starts at 18m and then drops down to the wall. The wall then stretches east and west, with another pinnacle at the far west end and the remains of an aeroplane at the east end. Many large fish have been seen at this site. There is a large cave at 37m that comes out at 32m. Excellent for advanced divers, nitrox and technical diving. The Melanda dive site is excellent for beginners and the Akrotiri peninsula has an abundance of fantastic rock formations and caverns due to its location and shape and has a good variety of sea life. Some very big breeding squid have been seen here.

Jubilee Shoals Boat 18m – 60Slipper lobster on Jubilee shoals dive site

Beautiful diving in CyprusPissouri Bay Shore 8m training site
Melanda Shore 12m
Fish Reserve, Akrotiri Boat 12m
Akrotiri Peninsula Boat 6m – 25m


What can we say about the Zenobia ! One of the best dives and wreck dives in the world and it has an abundance of marine life within it's protected marine reserve. The wreck's sheer size and scale is breathtaking and the numerous points of interest will keep you going for days including the cargo of 100+ lorries and trailers that are stacked up from the seabed. She sank on 7th June 1980 due to a computer ballasting failure with all of her £200 million of lorry cargo still on board. You can dive the wreck for a week and still not see it all. One not to be missed and located only 1 hour from Pissouri.

Cricket Wreck          25The Zenobia starting to sinkmzenobia marine life

Alexandria Wreck    30m

Zenobia Wreck        17m – 42m

Elpida Wreck           30m

LEF1 Wreck            13-15m

Cape Greko/Protaras

This region of Cyprus has a stunning craggy coastline mixed with some of the best white sandy beaches and has excellent diving for all levels. Located only an hour and 15 minutes drive from Pissouri, we can offer the best diving in this eastern location. From the walls and slopes of Cyclops, The Canyon and Whitechapel to the beautiful topography of Tunnels and caves and the beginners site of Green Bay, this area is well worth a visit.
The coastline is millions of years old and starts with a craggy wall of various depths and then slopes away to deeper waters. There are many caverns, caves, swim throughs and an excellent range of sea life with some visitors visiting our shores from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. This area offers almost continual flat, clear blue waters due to its sheltered location.

Cyclops Shore/Boat 6m – 40Octopus boat diving off PaphosmFantastic Cyprus marine lifeGreen Bay Shore 15m
Big Window Canyon Shore/Boat 30m +
The Canyon Boat 30m +
Whitechapel Shore 25m
Tunnels and Caves Shore/Boat 15m
Liberty Wreck Boat 30m

Prices start from just €85 per day for 2 dives.

Prices are further discounted for groups, multiple days diving, own equipment and H.M. Forces.