Wreck Diving in Cyprus

Lady Thetis Wreck in Limassol constandis wreck in limassol zenobia wreck elpida wreck


For those divers who are lovers of wreck diving we offer a number of wreck only packages with a number of wrecks and recommendations to choose from.

From the world famous Zenobia Wreck to the new Elpida Wreck we have wrecks of all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and experience levels.

Our recommendation would include any series of dives on the following;

ZENOBIA WRECK – we would suggest at least 2 days/4 dives on this fantastic wreck to get the most from diving her.

LIMASSOL WRECKS – 2 individual wrecks 200m apart with a network of reefs between them. 1 dive on each with a surface interval in between.

ELPIDA WRECK – 1 or 2 dives with an option to do 1 dive here and the Zenobia for a dive on the same day.

PAPHOS WRECKS – choice of 4 wrecks to start. Laboe, Achilleas, Vera K, White Star.

We are flexible to suit each individual or group enquiries and are happy to discuss any combination of dives.
For example on a 5 day/10 dive package our suggestion would be 2-3 days on the Zenobia, 1 day on the Limassol wrecks, 1 day on the Elpida and 1 other to suit.

Please see our individual tabs on a number of these wrecks for more details on each.

Contact us for further dive package details and pricing based on number of days and divers.

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