Diving & Dive Package Prices

Multiple Dive Packages

Standard discounts based on 1 diver.

2 days/4 dives              10%
6-8 dives.                     15%
10 dives.                       20%  

Further Discounts for multiple divers (from 2 people +) and dive groups applies depending on group size and number of dives. Please contact us for your personal dive package prices which will include equipment requirements. Discounted prices are normally based on own equipment except tanks and weights.

Group deals are available from 2 divers + !! - personal or private dive packages are also available.
Excellent holiday accommodation and airport transfers are available for a complete package deal.

Please contact us for further pricing information on Groups with multiple dive package requirements.

Example GROUP dive package and accommodation prices based on 5 days/10 dives;

6 divers - €335 per person with 1 Zenobia trip, €370 with 2 Zenobia trips

10 divers - €290 per person with 1 Zenobia trip, €325 with 2 Zenobia trips

Accommodation - (May to October) £105 per person per week based on 4 sharing a 2 bedroom apartment. £120 per person based on 3 sharing. 

Dive Group Course Deals

2 divers          10%
3 divers          15%
4 divers          20%   5 divers +    20-25%+ (POA)

Larger groups - P.O.A
Discounts apply to all courses from beginners to technical - see our Courses page


Diving Prices (discounts apply - see above)

Full Kit     1 Dive      2 Dives  
Paphos/Pissouri/Limassol shore dives €50 €85 
Manijin Island boat dives     Laboe/Vera K/White Star/Achilleas wrecks   €98 
St Georges Island boat dives - Paphos Akamas   €98 
St Georges Island boat dives - Latchi Akamas   €119
Limassol Wrecks boat dives - Constandis, Reefs and Lady Thetis    €105 
ZENOBIA Wreck boat dives (Elpida & Zenobia trip €133)   €128
Copo Island boat dives    €125 
Jubilee Shoals boat dives €95  
Alexandria & HMS Cricket Wrecks with Zenobia dive   €133
Cape Greko Dive Sites     P.O.A

Night Dives available from €55

Prices include equipment and transport.
Price discount with full equipment (excluding tanks and weights) - 10%.

Group and multiple dive packages are an all inclusive special price based on numbers and equipment requirements by each individual personalised enquiry.

Personal 1 to 1 diving is available at an extra surcharge

Torches and Dive Computers are an extra small charge of €5 per day.

A full range of Nitrox mixes are available and are priced depending on the dives, tank sizes or the dive package required.