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Cyprus Diving Adventures is a BSAC Dive Centre and a Diver Training Centre with a number of BSAC members, divers and Instructors.

We advertise regularly in the BSAC SCUBA magazine and provide bespoke dive packages for many groups and clubs of all sizes. We are located on the coast and centrally to all of the best dives sites in Cyprus. Dive groups, members and clubs can be accommodated for any number of divers with packages available from 2 up to any number of people based on availability.

We welcome a high number of groups every year and everything is tailored to suit their individual requirements, experience levels and preferences. 

Our UK trained staff are all highly experienced and among the most qualified on the island, we have been diving extensively in the UK and in Cyprus for over 15 years.

We provide a full service to groups of all sizes looking to organize dive trips. This includes transfers, modern accommodation and dives to all the best dive sites in Cyprus including the world famous Zenobia wreck.
Flexible dive packages are available and group deals on request. Please see our Dive Packages and accommodation section for more details or contact us for any further information.

Dives can include anything from the many wrecks we have here now to large reefs, wall dives, islands, caverns and caves, and each have their own range of abundant marine life. A new large wreck the Elpida has recently been sank to form another artificial reef and is another of our regular wreck dives along with the Limassol wrecks - the Constandis and Lady Thetis. Large reefs includes the deep walls and caves of Jubilee Shoals and the seamount that forms St Georges Island.

The Dive Centre has a shop full of the latest dive equipment, a large classroom, an L&W Nitrox Compressor, a kit washing area, full servicing room and a seated and reception area. There are also ladies and gents washrooms and changing rooms.

We provide Recreational and Technical diving for all experience levels from beginners to trimix diving.

Deco gas is also available up to 100% and trimix too.

BSAC Diver Training Courses

Our BSAC Instructors can also provide training for those looking to qualify as an Ocean Diver, Sports Diver or Dive Leader. We also provide training for anyone looking to complete any number of classroom or diving sections of their respective courses while visiting Cyprus, and for any depth progression requirements. For divers that want to do some form of specialities there are also a range of Skill Development Courses available. 

For your course theory materials you can now choose between two options for the Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses. One is the with the hardback manual version and the other is to complete it with online eLearning. You can if you wish still receive both for the Ocean Diver Course.

Included in the Ocean Diver course is your first 3 months BSAC membership, liability insurance and the SCUBA magazine among other items. The hard manual Ocean Diver Pack includes your manual, QRB training booklet and logs, tables, notes and your certification card application. These can be supplied with the eLearning option too and would be our recommendation.

With online eLearning this includes presentations that would normally be given in the classroom, this will save you time and cost on the course when you get here and so also save on valuable holiday time. We will in addition of course be covering a lot of this information betwen you and your Instructor during the rest of the course.

For the Sports Diver eLearning course you would receive the Safety and Rescue manual in PDF, Student guide and QRB in PDF, Nitrox Tables and your qualification.

The manual version would include notes, qualification pages, safety and rescue manual and your qualification card application.

If you register for eLearning via BSAC you will pay more for your course as they will take a proportion of your payment. We would therefore recommend contacting ourselves to register you on your course and to organise all your materials.

If you have any questions or queries on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prices - discounts from 10% on the following prices from 2 divers !

BSAC Ocean Diver Course

€480 - hard manual option        €430 - eLearning option.         €455 - eLearning version plus hard manual and QRB.

(If you sign up direct with BSAC for the online course and materials the price would be €390 and BSAC will charge you £99.)

BSAC Sports Diver Course

€450 including either the hard manual or eLearning option.

(If you sign up direct with BSAC for the online course and materials the price would be €400 and BSAC will charge you £63.50)

Discount schedule

2 students - 10%

3 students - 15%

4 students - 20%

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