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Friday, 09 March 2018 07:26

Diving in Paphos

With it's rocky shore line diving in Paphos offers a range of diving to suit all levels of experience and has some of the most interesting diving in Cyprus.

The clear blue waters and range of dive sites are excellent  for beginners, dive courses, divers of all certification levels and technical divers.

Paphos or Pafos as it is known locally is situated on the south west of the island and is subject to some rough westerly winds at times. The depth of the sea also drops off quicker and deeper than most other areas of Cyprus. Coupled with it's rocky shoreline these natural events have produced a range of stunning diving all along the Paphos coast and the Akamas National Park.

Depths can range from 6 to 40 metres for recreational diving and more for those interested in technical diving. The underwater topography is varied and stunning with walls, caves, caverns, swim throughs, sink holes, overhangs, numerous shapes and features, arches and historical artifacts like amphorae can also be seen on most dives. The Ampitheatre dive site for example has a natural feature of what looks like a roman ampitheatre underwater with a wall of rock in a semi circle naturally stepped by sea erosion.

diving in paphos

Dive sites in the Paphos area include the Cynthiana, White River, Channel, Manajin Island, St Georges Island, Ampitheatre, Stage, Pistol Bay and with wrecks that include the Vera K, Achilleas and Laboe. All can be reached by shore or by boat. The wrecks are protected and have become large marine reefs with large populations of marine life adding to the interest of the wrecks themselves.

paphos wrecks diving

The marine life in the Paphos area is also varied and abundant in a lot of areas. Turtles are big visitors to the Paphos shores from April to November and can be regularly spotted and dived with. There are many turtle nesting beaches in the area so they are regular visitors to all of the dive sites. Also we regularly dive with large Groupers, shoals of breams, pipefish, trumpetfish, parrotfish, rays, nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, wrasses, damsels, squirrel fish, cardinals, moray eels, jacks and much more. Hard corals can also be seen diving in Paphos in a number of dive sites and a variety of different species of sea sponges are also numerous with all sorts of shapes and colours.

There are a number of islands that are great boat dives with so much to discover. Each are what's left at the surface after being separated from the mainland and they are some of the best dive sites in Cyprus. Manajin, St Georges and Copo islands all have a lot to explore with excellent underwater topography and marine life. All three are just off the Akamas National Park and are set in stunning scenery.

Diving in Paphos certainly has a lot to offer.

paphos diving ampitheatre