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Tuesday, 27 February 2018 08:35

Dive Season Preparation in Cyprus

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we dive all year round and we have divers out every month, the main season however starts in the spring. March and April start to enjoy sunny, warm conditions and there are more people visiting the island, from May until October is then a very busy period for diving with lots of diving well into November.

Easter is a busy time for visitors and the temperatures start to rise, the skies are clear blue every day and as we get into May the dive season is in full swing. June, July, August, September and October are then busy diving months with clear visibility underwater, warm water and cloudless skies. Even November has glorious weather and the sea temperatures are still over 20 degrees C !

For many Dive Centres in Cyprus the diving season closes from November until April but that is not the end of the story. Not many divers will know or understand just how much work goes into the off season preparation for the diving to come. We have over 60 tanks, twinsets and stages. All have to be cleaned, the valves serviced and the cylinders are visually inspected and go through their hydrostatic test if it is due. This process itself can take days to get them all done and prepared in the correct manner. Dive equipment also has to be repaired or replaced. Fins, boots, wetsuits and BCD's do a lot of diving over a season and can get easily worn if not looked after. Zips can break, divers can get little holes from catching a rock and BCD's need a thorough service too and an internal cleaning to help preserve them. Regulators also need their annual service and for a school of say 20 sets you will need at least week or two to get them all cleaned and parts replaced to the right standard.

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The Dive Trucks too all need cleaning, servicing and any repairs finished ready for the hard job of running all the divers and heavy kit around every day. Apart from that the Dive Centre itself has to be cleaned out perhaps with some rearranging, decorating, painting and new sign writing to get it looking as good as possible and ready to operate smoothly and in a professional manner.

All this is to ensure that everything to do with the daily operation of the Dive Centre is prepared and fully functional so the staff can then concentrate on looking after their divers and students, and provide the quality service and diving experiences that they should expect. This is one of the areas where you as a diver will see if you are dealing with a professional outfit, you will see that everything is clean, well looked after, serviced, in good condition and that the Dive Centre runs in a smooth and professional manner.

Dive Centres can be as busy in the winter as they are in the summer just getting prepared for the great diving and all the divers to come.