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Diving Courses in Cyprus

Cyprus has a worldwide reputation for crystal clear, blue and very warm waters for diving. This makes Cyprus a top destination for diving and diving courses of all levels.

When people are looking to try diving for the first time to see if they like it, to see what diving is all about or for one of those once in a lifetime holiday experiences, Cyprus waters provide the perfect environment. When you first try diving or start your entry level diving course you need calm and clear waters as movement will only unnerve or hinder the learning process. In the UK for example Instructors use swimming pools to teach the initial lessons as outside venues do not provide the neccesary conditions for new students. In Cyprus however the sea is so calm and clear you can learn to dive in the sea within man made large sheltered areas or even off the beach.

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This is a great environment to learn in and a great spring board for the next steps which include deeper open water dives also in the sea. It also provides a greater area in which to practise important skills including buoyancy and it gets the taste buds flowing as there is a variety of marine life to also experience for the first time as it is open to the sea.

For more advanced levels like the Advanced Open Water Course, the Rescue Diver course and Speciality courses Cyprus also provides a large variety of dive sites which have the neccesary topography in which to learn more skills and add the neccesary terrain to gain the experience and knowledge that is required. For example there are a number of wrecks that offer a range of sizes and depths for certain courses, dive sites that support all the best scenarios for the Rescue and Divemaster courses and again the excellent conditions are favourable to enhance the very best learning experience.

Sea temperatures generally range from 17degC in the winter to 30degC in the summer so in the winter months divers are generally in semidry and drysuits. This is primarily more for thermal protection on the surface interval and with wind chill than in the water. From autumn to early summer water and outside temperatures tend to favour technical divers too, of whom many prefer to dive in drysuits for thermal protection and back up buoyancy. 

Cyprus is a fantastic place to dive and to enrol on a diving course to learn that next step, and all set in stunning weather and beautiful scenic locations.

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