Wednesday, 20 December 2017 09:34

Discover Scuba Diving - what is involved ?

People often contact us to enquire about trying diving for the first time and are particularly interested in what is involved and how long it takes.
Discover Scuba Diving is an experience program designed for those that have always wanted to see what diving was like, or to see if it is something they want to complete a course in and get fully qualified.
This is a great experience for individuals, couples or a group of friends and family to enjoy.
After getting you kitted up and getting some paperwork done we start the day with some theory and a thorough briefing of what we are going to do in the water and a briefing on the equipment. This takes about an hour depending on the number of people and staff in the group. We then take you to the dive site with it's beautiful lagoon and large open water diving area.
This is then followed by a practice session in shallow water to get you used to the new underwater environment and the equipment. Once you are ready and feeling confident we then take you into a full dive initially in shallow water and get slowly deeper as you progress. Depths depend on your comfort levels and are up to 12 metres maximum. You can see so much on a dive with an abundance of marine life and stunning underwater scenery with rock formations, walls and swim throughs. Just the weightless feeling, the peace and tranquility and the fact that you are visiting another world is enough to make anyone marvel at the whole experience.
discover scuba diving in cyprus
A follow up dive after a break is highly recommended to get a lot more from the experience. You learn so much from the first dive and you take this into the second dive with that knowledge and a lot more confidence, the dive also tends to be a bit deeper and longer than the first one too. The underwater scenery and marine life is fantastic where we take our Discover Scuba Divers and the whole experience with 2 full dives is normally completed in about 4 to 5 hours with a break in between.
We only dive in a maximum ratio of 2 divers to 1 instructor to ensure the very best quality dive experience and of course safety is of paramount importance. Diving in bigger groups does not provide the best experience.
Photographs can also be taken and emailed to you at no extra cost. This is a great way to see and remind you of the diving experience and some of the marine life that you spotted during the dives.
On completing the diving experience you are then awarded with a certificate and hopefully you will have enjoyed it so much that you will have caught the diving bug and want to dive again in the future.