Tuesday, 28 November 2017 12:44

What makes a good Dive Center ?

There are many elements that come together in creating and running a very good Dive Center. 

Vital to all this and the absolute top priority has to be it's staff. A warm welcome encourages people to feel at ease when visiting with their enquiries and then the knowledge, professionalism and experience of the staff should soon become apparent. Dive professionals should have good local knowledge of the dive sites, all available training courses and the diving equipment available.  Any level of assistance should be available and the dive staff should have a level of competence and be qualified to handle any level of enquiry. Without good dive staff the center cannot provide all the elements that make the best Dive Centers.

A good range of dive sites covering all experience levels should be offered by a good Dive Center, with shore and boat dives, and many different types of dives to choose from to suit all tastes. Shallow and deep dives, walls, reefs, drifts, wrecks, caves, caverns, swim throughs, beautiful topgraphy and a range of marine life should all be available.

Training courses that are available should also cover a wide range from experience programmes to learn to dive courses, the more advanced levels including specialities, and with professional and technical courses too. Other 'non-diving' courses also like Primary and Secondary care first aid and Oxygen Provider are also great programmes to have available. Equipment technician training and offering DAN's range of safety courses are examples of others that divers may be looking for.

Diving equipment is very important to divers and snorkellers, and a good choice of quality kit from the worlds leading manufacturers should be available off the shelf in a variety of makes, colours and designs. Divers love kit, especially good kit and when there is a good range of stock available it is a pleasure to visit the Dive Center on a regular basis.

Air quality is also very important for divers tank fills and in Cyprus this is annually checked by the Cyprus Dive Center Association for those that are members to ensure they meet the correct standards. A well maintained and appointed compressor is crucial with well trained staff to ensure air fills of the highest standard and that tanks are filled at least to 200 bar. There is nothing worse than a bad tasting fill or a short fill that can impact on a days diving.

Changing and toilet facilities, an equipment servicing area, good classroom facilities and refreshments are all things that give people the feeling that they are in a very good Dive Center, one that is also well laid out and well thought through to meet it's divers expectations.and needs.

Other incidentals like dive t shirts and other related items are also high on a divers list of possible things they like to see in a Dive Center to take as a memory of their visit and the diving they have enjoyed.

A good, productive Diving Center should have a range of quality services and products to provide the vast majority of elements that most divers expect from a Center, all of which go together to produce a top dive service provider. These elements are what highlight the very best Dive Centers from the rest.