Tuesday, 14 November 2017 06:52

Additional Boat Dives for 2018

Our Dive Centre already offers a wide range of different types of dive sites for all levels and tastes. We are also always searching for new or new access to dive sites that will enhance what we can offer to our divers and regulars who love to dive somewhere new.

One of our partners in Paphos has recently purchased a new RIB that is licensed for up to 15 divers, we dived off it last week and it is a great diving platform and a fantastic new asset. This will open up a lot of dives to us off the Paphos and South Akamas National Park coastline.

Due to dive boats not being available in recent years we can now dive some very popular sites again. These include Manajin Island, Geronomos Island (St Georges), the Achilleas wreck, the new Laboe wreck and a number of islands off the coast that we have not dived before.

Manajin Island is a particular favourite and one that we have enjoyed for years. We used to dive it from shore but unfortunately due to a new property development the access roads have been blocked to vehicles. With the new RIB we now have a new access to this excellent dive site. Manajin has a number of points of interest and a great range of depths up to 30 metres. There are flat sandy areas with fascinating amphora and ancient anchors to discover. There are numerous caves, swim throughs and caverns with a range of shapes and sizes which are very safe and great fun. The shape of the island underwater is also very interesting with straight walls to 20 metres, overhangs and a diverse topography that differs from one side of the island to the other. Dropping down to the sea floor from an easterly mooring you can explore the deeper east side on your first dive and the westerly side on the second. Manajin also has a diverse range of marine life with regular sightings of the yellow tail barracuda which are quite rare.

Geronomos Island is a great new addition for us. This is a large island that was once inhabited many years ago. The underwater features are again varied with a 30 metre wall that then slopes off to 45 metres, it also has many cave and swim through systems to explore. This dive site covers a large area and many different dives can be completed here. Large Grouper are abundant here and tuna have also been spotted around the top of the wall. This site is still being explored and mapped by our staff and this will be completed ready for next season.

There are a number of other, smaller islands to explore too so we are looking forward to those. The Achillaes wreck we have dived before and we are looking forward to diving this popular wreck again very soon.

The Laboe lies at a depth of almost 30 metres and was purposely sunk by the authorities for diving tourism. It has only been down for just over a year now and the marine life is developing nicely. Like the Limassol wrecks they start to develop there own life systems and after about 12 to 18 months the life on these artificial reefs really starts to explode ! We are really looking forward to taking divers out to this wreck in the new year to see her and how life is developing inside and around her too.

These continue to be exciting times for our divers and we look forward to all the new diving and dive experiences for our staff and customers.

Full details will be on our website very soon.