Friday, 29 September 2017 11:13

New Diving Sites in Cyprus

Following on from a number of new artificial reefs and protected marine reserves there are plans for more new dive sites in Cyprus.

We have already seen the success of a number of new wrecks around Cyprus being sunk by the authorities including the Constandis and Lady Thetis in Limassol. There are also 2 off Protaras and another off the Pafos coast. There has also been an ongoing effort to expand marine reserves around the island and we have a number including the Zenobia, the wrecks and reef at Limassol and St Georges Island off the Akamas along with the adjoining coastline. Artificial reefs are also being developed with the latest being a large area between the two wrecks at Limassol. These initiatives have attracted masses of marine life and have increasingly been big new attractions for many divers.

News has recently emerged that there may be up to another 3 purpose sunk wrecks and reefs in certain parts of the island to encourage more marine life and to develop the diving tourist industry. This was recently published in the press and the Cyprus Dive Centre Association have been keeping us informed of progress.

One such reef has been given the go ahead off the Akamas coastline that will attract a lot of marine life with varying depths for all levels. Another wreck is also on the way and has been purchased from Greece and although we don't know what type of vessel it is we have been told it has a length of some 60 metres which is a decent sized wreck. This is heading for the waters in the Larnaca area and will complement the Zenobia wreck very well.

On a more personal level we will have a new dive boat in the form of a rib at the start of next season. Plans are to use this and another dive boat to reach 3 excellent island dive sites off the Pafos and south west Akamas coastline. We have dived Manajin, St Georges and Copo islands before and they are excellent but have been inaccessible for a while due to building works on the coastline. The new dive boats will give us even better access to these fantastic dive sites with a range of different dive routes.

Other new dive sites will include dives around the Pissouri Bay area and Akrotiri peninsular so keep watching this space. Looks like we will be having many exciting times and diving ahead for all our divers and staff.