Monday, 14 August 2017 09:36

Cyprus and Try Diving

'Try Diving' as many people call it is a diving experience for those who have never dived before and just want to try it for the first time. One of the official dive agency names for the programme is Discover Scuba Diving and it can come in many forms.

In the UK for example it is mainly done in swimming pools due to the outside conditions and for safety reasons. Here in Cyprus Discover Scuba Diving is very popular especially during the main summer months when the school holidays are in full swing and families want to try their first dive experience together. Cyprus is perfect for this and has excellent conditions and dive sites that offer the required safety and lots of underwater interest.

As Discover Scuba Diving requres pool like conditions Cyprus has many coastal inlets and artificial breakers to form large areas in the sea where try dives can take place. With easy entries, safe water, various depths, stunning underwater scenery and varied marine life this is a major attraction for first time divers. Who wouldn't want to actually dive in the sea surrounded by marine life on their very first experience of the underwater world ?

try dives cyprus

The beauty of the diving in Cyprus is that it provides diving for all ages and comfort levels, while giving the Instructor a range of experiences to provide depending on individual abilities. Maximum depth is 12 metres for the Discover Scuba Diving programme and a lot of sites give you areas of 2 metres, 4-6 metres and 8-11 metres of depth which is ideal. A follow up dive is also a great option to take as divers learn so much from the first dive that they can then take that knowledge and build on it during the next dive. It is over this 2 dive experience when most divers then really start to understand the main principles of diving and with the resulting confidence Instructors can take them out a little further and a little deeper to maximise a great diving day.

While conducting try dives we have seen shoals of barracuda, turtles, shoals of sea bream, puffer fish, wrasses, rays, flounders, jacks, moray eels, cuttlefish, octopus and so much more every season. A truly memorable experience that a lot of these divers will never forget and regularly influences them into becoming fully qualified divers at some stage, it is such another world to pool diving.

Discover Scuba Diving in Cyprus is truly a fantastic experience and one that continues to thrill thousands of people every year trying diving for the very first time.