Wednesday, 26 July 2017 03:46

Best Dive Sites for Marine Life

Diving in Cyprus offers a wide range of different types of diving and dive sites to choose from. What suprises many of our divers is the abundance and diversity of marine life that can be found on a number of excellent dives here.

With protected reefs and wrecks being developed in recent years and with good local diving knowledge we continue to visit dive sites and experience dives that rival or even better the Red Sea for it's marine life. With the likes of the Zenobia wreck, the Limassol wrecks, St Georges Island, Copo Island and many more we have regularly experienced some fantastic marine encounters. With large shoals of barracuda, tuna, jacks, grouper, breams, trumpetfish, garfish and amberjacks up to 5ft in length Cyprus diving certainly has a lot to offer. 

There are certain dive sites that due to the topography, an artificial reef or upwellings from life giving currents, thousands of baitfish of all shapes and sizes are attracted to feed or make them their homes. This in turn then attracts the bigger predators and on some sites swordfish and dolphins are regular visitors due to the abundance of food.

We have seen hundreds of tuna shoaling in a swirling mass off St Georges Island, scores of hunting jacks can be seen on the Zenobia, the Limassol wrecks and St Georges Island. Massive Grouper are seen on most sites and often in big groups, while large shoals of barracuda are regularly seen on most of the top sites and right around all of the island. On occasions we have seen 4-5ft Amberjacks hunting and attacking barracuda which I have to say is an incredible sight with their flashing attacks and swathes of shimmering barracuda trying to evade being eaten.

There are also many other lifeforms on most of the top dive sites including sea sponges, sea cucumbers, triggerfish, lionfish, a range of starfish, nudibranchs, triton trumpets, jellies, octopus, lobster, squid, cuttlefish, anenomes, rays, pipefish, seahorses and even the very rare mediterranean monk seal. The marine life in Cyprus is spectacular in so many ways if you know where to dive and what to look for.

Diving in Cyprus has so much to offer and there is a good number of excellent dive sites with world class wrecks, reefs, caves, islands, walls and a range of depths to enjoy all this marine life in. Speak to our experienced and knowledgeable dive staff and we will be only too happy to point you in the right direction for the very best diving in Cyprus.