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10 Reasons to Dive in Cyprus

10 Reasons to Come Diving in Cyprus


Thousands of divers visit Cyprus every year, exploring the varieties of dive sites, wrecks and diverse marine life it has to offer, but what really makes diving in Cyprus so special and keeps divers and their families returning every year ?

  1. All Year-Round Diving

Diving in Cyprus doesn’t limit you to a diving season which is only a few months a year. Due to the warm climate, even in winter the sea temperature doesn’t fall lower than 17 degrees Celsius and reaches highs of up to 30, meaning that you can dive comfortably all year round.

  1. 326 days of sunshine a year

This Eastern Mediterranean Island boasts 326 days of sunshine a year, meaning that almost anytime you visit Cyprus, you are guaranteed the sun. There is something very special about seeing the sun’s rays penetrating through the ocean, offering some incredible colours and clarity. 

  1. Crystal Clear Waters with Fantastic Visibility

Visibility is almost always excellent and can easily reach 30 metres most of the year. The welcoming clear blue waters, calm conditions and fantastic vis is perfect for that very first experience of scuba diving, or for divers looking to explore and enjoy what the many excellent dive sites have to offer.

  1. Diverse dive sites to suit all levels

There are over 80 dive sites in Cyprus, from Paphos in the West to Cape Greko in the East. Shore and boat diving offers a variety of options depending on our divers’ preferences and we always strive to ensure that we are providing all our customers with the diving experience they are looking for, from wrecks to reefs, caves, swim-throughs and much more.  Apart from the Zenobia wreck there are also a further 12 wrecks around Cyprus for divers to explore.

  1. Conservation projects

Forty nine beaches in Cyprus were awarded the Blue Flag based on environmental management criteria, meaning that there are beautiful, clean beaches all around the island.  There are 5 protected marine areas in the coastal waters and a further number of marine reserves which are in open water or supported by artificial reefs. Conservation projects are essential for the protection of our oceans and Cyprus is proud to be participating in such a way.

  1. An abundance of marine life

There are over 250 fish species in Cyprus waters, which is home to the greatest diversity of marine life in the Mediterranean. On average, there are over 800 turtle nests on our beaches every year with Loggerhead turtles being the most popular, but green turtles can also be seen. On our doorstep we are lucky to dive with Octopus, rays, jacks, shoals of Barracuda, turtles, trumpet fish, lionfish and so much more.

  1. The Akamas National Park

The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus and has an area coverage of 230 square kilometers. In this area, there are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals and the European Council has included it in its Mediterranean Protection Programme. The diving here is truly spectacular and offers incredible underwater features such as swim throughs, walls up to 33 metres, caves, ancient amphorae and stunning topography which is suitable for all levels of diving.

  1. An excellent holiday destination for everyone

When our divers are not spending their time exploring the underwater world, Cyprus offers a range of activities, hospitality and entertainment to keep our customers, their friends and families entertained all day and night long. Cypriots are renowned for their warm welcome and there is an abundance of traditional taverna’s and restaurants in the villages offering a true taste of Cyprus.  Divers also enjoy taking their families along on boat trips, enabling them to relax and snorkel whilst they venture into the blue.

  1. Affordable and accessible

With only a four and a half hour flight time from most UK airports and situated close to many other European countries, Cyprus is both affordable and accessible all year round. Divers return to us regularly as we offer affordable and consistently great diving all just a short journey away.

       1. The Zenobia Wreck

Shipwreck enthusiasts and customers from all over the world come diving in Cyprus to explore one of the top 5 wrecks in the world, the MS Zenobia. This protected wreck offers such a variety of diving and an abundance of marine life at this one site and it is easily penetrated. At only 1 kilometre from the  shoreline diving the Zenobia does not mean a long boat ride there and back to reach the site. Divers who come to dive the Zenobia always want to come back and dive her again. You could dive the Zenobia for a week and not see it all, a must dive for all divers and still one of the best wreck dives in the world.