Tuesday, 13 June 2017 08:41

Cyprus diving conditions

For a lot of people Cyprus is an island of constant sunshine, flat seas, warm water and crystal clear waters. Over the summer that is generally true but what about all year round, are Cyprus waters always perfect for diving ?

We generally dive all year in Cyprus and the sea conditions can vary greatly as with any other sea or ocean. The biggest factor here is the wind and wind direction but in general you can have excellent conditions and fantastic visibility all year round.

In the spring, March to early May, the water is just starting to slowly warm up with temperatures of 17degC rising to about 20. Winds can be variable and unpredictable. You can have days or weeks of flat, calm seas and then a few days of high winds and even coptic storms which can blow the whole island out for days. In general though there is always a side to the island where the sea is sheltered and the winds are off shore which keeps the sea flat. Winds tend to be north and easterly over this period so the Paphos areas tend to have the best diving conditions.

Over the long summer, June to September, the sea really starts to warm up with water temperatures reaching 28-29degC. The daytime heat of the island rises during the day so there are light or no winds in the mornings which then rise as the days go on. The afternoons can be quite windy and then die back off by the evening. We always dive in the morning when we can for the best conditions. Visibilty can easily reach 25-30 metres in most areas. Winds tend to be more westerly over this period and we can have the odd day blown out but there is always somewhere sheltered where we can dive.

October and November are lovely months to dive in Cyprus. The daytime temperatures start to ease but the sea remains at about 27degC and falls to only 25 by early to mid November. The sea tends to be constantly flat at this time of year with a more windy day coming along only now and again, but nothing too strong to stop us diving. By the end of November you can still have sea temperatures of 22degC, flat seas and excellent visibility.

So generally March to November have very good conditions for diving in Cyprus. With the varying temperature we have a range of suits to keep any diver warm including children. A good 5.5mm suit with a 4mm hooded vest and gloves are enough to keep most people nice and warm in 17degC, and this combination works very well for our divers. As the heat increases and the sea gets warmer our divers are then more than comfortable in a normal wetsuit and by July to August most are in shorties.

January and February tend to have the worst conditions in Cyprus with more rain and stormy, colder weather. Even so the sea temperature never gets below 17 and perhaps 15-16 at depth so again more than comfortable for most divers with the right equipment. Having said that the weather can also be stunning with clear skies, sunshine and warm daytime temperatures. We have had the best visibility I have ever seen in January with 40 metres and some fantastic marine life ! Weather conditions are much more unpredictable though at this time of the year but we know that at some stage there will be lovely clear periods for diving after a short bad spell.

So Cyprus diving conditions are not perfect all year round but for pretty much most of the year it is. Diving is available all year with varying temperatures and conditions like many places in the world. As a dive destination Cyprus offers diving every week and month of the year for a range of divers. I have dived in Cyprus every month for the past 10 years and good diving is always available.