Wednesday, 17 May 2017 08:23

Cyprus diving is world class

After diving all over Cyprus for the last 15 years, and after speaking with many of our visitors, I can honestly say that Cyprus really does have some of the best diving in the world. Whether you come for a days diving or a complete dive package of one or two weeks diving, Cyprus has something for all qualification and experience levels.

Take the Zenobia wreck for starters, this is a top 4-7 wreck in the world depending on whose poll you read, and for good reason. This is a massive wreck, still in good condition, full of interest and teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. You could do a week of diving here easily and still not see it all ! The range of depths and penetration dives are also perfect for most levels of recreational and technical divers.

What most people miss though are the other top dives that are available, and we dive them on a weekly basis.

St Georges Island off the northern Akamas coastline is a fantastic dive destination. A seamount and rocky reef the island is just the pinnacle of this submerged oasis. Home to a 34m wall, a 40m wall and a 50m wall, caves, swim throughs and stunning underwater scenery. When the mild to strong currents are running it is one of the best marine life dives I have experienced with masses of barracuda, grouper, jacks, breams, trumpetfish, parrot fish, garfish and thousands of varied smaller species. It is also a good spot for green and loggerhead turtles. One not to be missed and a must for all marine life lovers. The dive site is suited for all qualifications and experience levels. Depths start from just 5m.

best diving in cyprus

Just a mile off the shore here in Pissouri is another top dive site. Again a massive reef but this time a completely submerged seamount with it's summit some 16m under the surface. Jubilee Shoals is the biggest reef in Cyprus rising up from the sea bed some 70-75m below. You can dive the wall east and west from the shallowest point on the pinnacle and get nowhere near the end. Both north and south of the reef is just flat sand at the foot of this rocky wonder. You descend to the 16m pinnacle following a line from a depth of 5m. You then descend direcly over the side of a massive wall that is like flying over the edge of a mountain. The wall is straight down and you can enter a massive cave at 36m which after about 10-15 minutes you exit at a depth of 38m. This is a class dive and a great wall dive. Varied marine life can also be seen here and in good numbers, this is the only dive site where we have spotted sharks on a dive.

zenobia wreck marine life

Two other great dives are Manijin and Copo Islands, again not known or heard of by many divers. Both have stunning topography with walls, caverns, caves, swim throughs and many ancient rock formations beautifully carved by the continual motions of the sea. With depths up to 30m these are perfect for most divers and further off from the islands depths are ideal for technical diving too. Manijin is off the south Akamas coast and Copo off to the North West just around from the point. Marine life at these sites again is prolific with many rock dwelling creatures too like large octopus, cuttlefish, moray eels, shrimps, peacock worms and nudibranchs. This area of Cyprus also offers the best chance to dive with turtles.

There are a number of other excellent dive locations to keep any diver busy with some great diving including the wrecks at Limassol, Pistol Bay, Ampitheater and the Stage. St Georges Island off the southern Akamas is yet another island that we are currently diving with a number of dives due to it's large size.

Cyprus is a top diving destination and one that is fast becoming a big dive destination that is suprising many visitors to its crystal clear waters.