Friday, 12 May 2017 10:58

My Cyprus Diving Adventure

Our Cyprus diving adventure started in January 2014 when my husband Oli and I visited Cyprus for the first time, a 30th birthday surprise for Oli. We had a fantastic week of diving which included a range of diving in Paphos, Latchi as well as two day's diving on the exhilirating Zenobia Wreck. Our first two dives on the Zenobia was on Oli's 30th birthday and was our first big scale wreck dive, and decending onto this 172 meter-long Swedish ferry really took our breath away. We had a week of beautiful flat calm, crystal clear waters and were overwhelmed with what Cyprus had to offer, both in terms of scuba diving and as a beautiful and contrasting Island full of warm hospitality, culture and beauty. We knew as soon as our holiday was over that it wouldn't be long until we were back.

Later that year in June 2014, Oli and I returned to Cyprus to complete out Deep Diver speciality course as well as completing other dives to continuously improve our diving skills and knowledge. The course was excellent and looking up at the Zenobia Wreck from 40 meters (2 meters above the ocean floor), enabled us to explore and appreciate the scale of this wreck from a completely different perspective. During this week we were also lucky enough to dive the Limassol Wrecks which are named Constandis and Lady Thetis. Having only been sunk on 22nd February 2014 (purposely as a way to promote diving in Limassol), the wrecks were still relitively young in terms of growth and life but were still a thrill to dive, almost feeling like an underwater playground as we explored and penetrated the various spaces within them. Once again we had a great week and consistently felt that diving with Steve and his team enabled us to become better divers, we were learning and developing with each dive with the most professional dive outfit we had ever dived with. We left again wanting more and were already thinking of when to return, especially now as we had to see how life would develop and hopefully thrive on the Limassol Wrecks. 

zenobia wreck diving

Having always discussed living abroad and the dream of working in the scuba diving industry, Oli and I decided to invest in our future by becoming PADI Divemasters, and there really was no question of who we wanted to complete this course with. We were granted a 3 month sabbatical from our work in Wales and on 25th May 2015 flew once again to Paphos to begin our next adventure. We firstly complete our EFR (emergency first response) and PADI Rescue Diver course before going on to our Divemaster course.  This was the most rewarding experience of our lives and certainly develops your leadership, aptitude and problem solving skills as individual as well as a diver. We even became Master Scuba Divers in the process, having completed our Deep Diver course the year before, we went on to specialise in Enriched Air, Search and Recovery, Navigation and Night. We met so many people during this time from all walks of life, made new friends and fell in love even more with this beautiful island.    

We visited Cyprus again for a couple of weeks at a time during 2016; working and further developing our Divemaster skills as we assisted Steve and his team during busy times. Even when qualified as a professional, you are always learning and developing each day and with every dive.  The skills you have learnt are consistently being put into practice in and out of the water, enabling you to work towards being the best professional you can be.  

So here we are, on March 11th 2017 Oli and I embarked on the biggest adventure of our lives when we flew to Paphos to live and work here in Cyprus.  We are currently working on our Assistant Instructor course with the ambition and determination of becoming Open Water Instructors in the near future.  Being able to regularly dive the beautiful sites here including the Akamas National Park, the Zenobia Wreck and see how the Limassol Wrecks are developing each season really is a dream come true.  That first visit to Cyprus back in 2014 really has changed our lives and we are so excited to see what the future holds for us here are we continue our Cyprus Adventure.