Saturday, 15 April 2017 12:01

Diving Celebrations in Cyprus

Over a period of just a few days recently we had 3 diving milestones to celebrate with a 50th Birthday dive, a 150th dive and a qualifying 50 metre dive !

Stan Moore, who has enjoyed over 1000 dives, dived on the Zenobia wreck for a second day on his 50th Birthday. We dived on Nitrox down to 39 metres to the egg lorry and then followed the lorries along a perfect profile exploring all the cargo's and marine life among the wreckage. It was a perfect dive to celebrate his birthday with his partner Tarnia.

At the same time diving on the Zenobia Tarnia completed her 150th dive to 30 metres. Both Stan and Tarnia had enjoyed a series of dives to reach her target. After diving at Pistol Bay in Paphos, St Georges Island off the Akamas national park and then on the Zenobia it was a perfect end to a great week of diving. The after diving beers in the evening were a great finish to their holiday week of diving and joint celebrations. Tarnia and Stan are coming back soon to join us again on the fantastic Zenobia and Tarnia is looking to complete her Deep speciality at the same time. We look forward to seeing and diving with you both again soon. 

zenobia wreck 150th dive

John Leyden, who has been diving with us for 10 years, completed his Tec50 course with a stunning dive to 50metres. We had planned this qualifying dive for a while but were hampered by poor sea conditions. Eventually we managed to board the dive boat and get the final dive done, and what a great dive it was. St Georges Island is the summit of a seamount and a large reef system. Some of the islands depths have not been explored yet so our plan was to use this dive to explore new areas of the island. We have dived it hundreds of times but never to this depth and in the area of the island that we chose for this dive.

tec50 technical course

We dropped onto the top of a wall that started at 20 metres and we happily descended over the top and down to our maximum depth. The wall was stunning with vibrant colours, lots of shaped rocks and abundant marine life. The wall also dropped off further and out of sight. We know it drops to about 70 metres depth on each side of the island and to the north the seabed drops up to 400 metres as it heads out to sea. Our plan was to use our bottom time to explore the wall and then do a multilevel profile as we came shallower to explore as much of it as possible. It is a great wall dive and we eventually came to the surface after a total dive time of 85 minutes.

On the dive we used twins with 23%, an 11l stage with 30% and a 7l stage with 82%. A great dive and the plan was executed perfectly.

Congratulations to Stan, Tarnia and John on completing the 50th, 150th and 50m milestones with some great Cyprus diving.