Monday, 10 April 2017 05:27

Dive Centre ready for the new season !

At this time of year we are busy getting the Dive Centre ready for the main summer season. Stocks of new diving and snorkelling equipment are arriving from the worlds leading manufacturers both for the dive school and for general sale. All our equipment has had it's annual service over the winter months so all are in great working order ready for all the diving ahead, the Dive Centre is getting a good clean and everything is being put in place ready to welcome our divers.

The summer staff are also arriving and this year we have Lowri and Oli back to join us after recently moving full time to Cyprus. They have been visiting us here and diving in Cyprus for 3 years now so we are looking forward to a great year of diving. They will be completing their Assistant Instructor courses soon and then going on to be full Instructors. Our regular Instructors and staff are already here diving and teaching, and we have some Divemaster internships arriving with another new Instructor in June.

A lot goes into running a busy Dive Centre and although you may think we have a rest over the winter we have plenty to keep us busy with maintenance and preparation for the summer. We are also still doing plenty of diving and with the diving season here in Cyprus running right into November everything has to be in place to support our activities over a 7 to 8 month period.

scuba diving equipment


Our suppliers include Beaver, Mares, Apeks, SeacSub, Aqualung, Suunto, Scubapro and all are stocked for the dive school and for sale. Many are based here in Cyprus so we have excellent access to the best kit in the world. There are fins, masks & snorkels for divers and snorkellers with sizes and colours for all ages. We have excellent stocks of wetsuits, BCD's, regulators, dive watches, compasses, computers and all sorts of accessories.


The new t shirts for our divers have now arrived with a number of great new designs and colours for this year. Designs include a Zenobia wreck t shirt and a very cool design of a turtle on another.

The dive equipment available from the dive shop has again been increased with more quantities and a greater range. We believe it is among the best range of stock available in Cyprus with everything to satisfy most daily requirements.

Our dive trucks are also fully serviced and maintained ready for the hard work and masses of heavy dive kit to transport all over the island to a number of dive sites. Our kit cleaning area has also been increased in size and capacity to accommodate more divers and more equipment for the important process of rinsing the kit at the end of each days diving.

With over 60 dive cylinders from 3-18 litres and including technical diving equipment we have the largest range of cylinders in the area and have availability on any mix of Nitrox.

There is always work to do to keep it all to the high standards we set ourselves and we have been working hard to get everything in place for another great season of diving for our divers. We are looking forward to getting the main season started and to another excellent year !