Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:43

Dive Centres in Cyprus

Dive Centres are the heart of the scuba diving industry and all have to meet minimum requirements in providing diving services. A number have earned higher ratings by offering additional training and services. They provide centres of focus for diver education, dive travel, daily diving, shops with diving equipment, tank fills, equipment servicing and much more.

There are many Dive Centres in Cyprus of all sizes and with ranging ability and a range of what they can provide. There are also a range of dive agencies represented by the Dive Centres on the island including Padi, TDI, TecRec, BSAC, SDI, SSI and CMAS. Padi is the world leader and the most prevalent in Cyprus with about 80% of the market.

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Dive Centres everywhere can range in size and what they are able to offer. Generally they should also offer new equipment, spares, servicing, air and tanks, a good range of shop kit and experienced staff with good local diving knowledge. Staff are the most important part of any good Dive Centre who should have a range of knowledge and experience to pass onto their divers. Good professionals are vital not just in the water but also to be able to understand and advise correctly on all the enquiries that come into the Centre. Divers rely heavily on experienced professionals and Dive Centres to support them in all areas of diving.

Dive Resorts are smaller operations who cater for a smaller range of services. They are typically located in resort areas or affiliated to hotels or holiday resorts. You may even find one located in a small hut on the beach.

Dive Centres tend to be professional businesses and provide dive training to professional and Instructor levels. A fuller range of services are available with more equipment, dive opportunities and dive travel.  Padi award Dive Centres the 5 star status who have a proven track record of exemplary training, diving and customer service. They are progressive dive shops with a full range of courses, equipment from leading manufacturers and good aquatic environmental awareness.

Padi 5 star Dive Centres provide quality services to divers while presenting a professional image and avidly promote diving in their area. They are also active in the community and are committed to providing the very best diving experiences. 5 star centres will also have a proven track record of teaching a high number and a range of diving courses.

padi 5 star dive centre

 Some of the best Dive Centres in Cyprus also offer a range of technical diving courses and daily technical diving. Padi centres can be authorized and qualified as a TecRec Centre and there are many other agencies that also provide technical diving including TDI. TDI stands for Technical Diving International and is recognised as one of the top technical diving agencies in the world.

So when you see a Dive Centre try to ensure that they can provide everything you need at the time and for the future as you progress or want to progress as a diver. Cyprus Diving Adventures is a premier Padi 5 star Dive Centre, a TecRec centre and a TDI Dive Centre providing a full and complete range of diving services. Choose your centre carefully and you should always be guided in the right direction !


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