Friday, 30 December 2016 12:17

Zenobia Wreck Diving

The Zenobia wreck is well documented on how she came to sink, but what is the diving on her really like ? For those divers out there that have not yet had the pleasure to dive this wreck you are missing out on one of the best dives in the world.

As a wreck dive the Zenobia is continually voted in the top 5 best wrecks in the world. This is due to a number of reasons. It is the sheer scale of the wreck that first hits the divers senses when they first set eyes on it, at a length of 172 metres it really can take your breathe away. This also means that you can easily be alone with your group diving the wreck even if there are many divers on her at the same time. Another reason are the depths available for a range of diving. The wreck lies on her port side at a depth of 42 metres, the starboard side is at an average depth of 18 metres and the top of the ship, as it was, averages at between 22 and 38 metres. So the Zenobia gives a great range of depths for different types of diving and for divers with differing depth qualifications and experience levels. 

zenobia wreck lorry

The Zenobia is also great for both scuba diving courses and technical diving courses with the depths available, and has perfect depths and dive times for the use of Nitrox to benefit quality diving.

For divers the size of the wreck means that you can do many dives over a long period of time and still not be able to explore the whole wreck. You can literally dive her for a week and still not see everything. From the top there is the starboard propellor, funnel, roro doors, anchor, spare anchor, cafeteria, bridge, upper deck lorries, accommodation, captains quarters, lift shaft, chain locker, port prop, port funnel, port anchor, communications room, launderette and all the cargo that is still on the lorries or the seabed. Most of these are not too advanced and specialist equipment is not required. The safe, easy penetration into some of these areas is well within recreational diving limits.

There are many doors to enter all around the wreck but it is best to go with an experienced professional to know which are the most interesting and safest to explore. The upper lorry deck is also a relatively easy penetration dive due to it's massive area, ambient light and easy navigation. However you should be relatively experienced and again use a good guide. The deck is filled with lorries and their cargo's and to go deeper down into it requires more back up equipment and experience.

starboard prop

The middle lorry deck is a great penetration dive and again back up equipment is required to dive in here, for a long dive into it's depths of lorries and cargo requires technical experience and equipment. This is a superb dive with loads of interest and you could dive different areas of the deck over many dives. The upper lorry deck is similar in interest to the above but is far more difficult and should only be dived with the relevant experience and equipment. It is a hard area to enter and is not for the faint hearted as silt can easily be disturbed.

There are also the engine room areas and more to dive which are very interesting too but require technical diving experience to the required level.

As a protected marine reserve the Zenobia is home to the best marine life in Cyprus. Over the years this has developed into it's own eco system and has a stunning range of life, the wreck can have many seasonal visitors too. This includes sea breams, wrasses, parrot fish, jacks, shoals of barracuda, grouper, turtles, sea anenomes, star fish, sea cucumbers, nudibranchs, squid, moray eels, tuna and much more.

zenobia grouper

The sea conditions here are also excellent throughout most of the year, with flat seas, warm water and up to 40 metres visibility.  This only adds to what is already a world class dive site.

So the Zenobia is excellent for a range of divers with a range of tastes and requirements. From the many points of interest, a range of depth and dives, as a top training site, the many outside and penetration dives to choose from, stunning marine life and perfect sea conditions, you can understand why so many divers rate the Zenobia wreck so highly.

The Zenobia is truly one of the best dives in the world !!


diving the zenobia