Sunday, 18 December 2016 07:22

Cyprus Marine Life

Diving in Cyprus offers such a wealth of diverse and well populated marine life, and it is so good it would suprise some divers. Indeed our divers often comment on how good the marine life is in Cyprus and how better than expected it was. Some even comment that their diving experience with us in Cyprus was better than the likes of the Red Sea.

There is a dive location that we visit at least once or twice per week where we see large shoals of sea breams and massive barracuda. There are literally shoals of large Grouper, dozens of trumpetfish, large amberjacks hunting bait fish and in October visiting tuna. This is in an area that we know that other parties do not explore and our knowledgeable staff love taking our divers there. You can also see turtles, wrasses, damselfish, rays, flying gurnards, lobster, squid, cuttlefish, sea cucumbers, sponges, prawns, nudibranchs, octopus and much more. There are many more top dive sites like this that we dive every week and we publicise the images to show just how good the marine life is.

diving with barracuda

A number of divers to our amazement mention that they did not see a lot of marine life while diving here and we try to point out that you have to know where to dive here and where to look. A lot of divers quite frankly are taken to dive spots and taken on dives where we would just not go for that reason. For us just exploring another world and being underwater is enough and Cyprus has some stunning ancient rock formations to dive with arches, caves, walls and many other shapes eroded by centuries of sea motion. But also of course we want to see a lot of different and fascinating marine life.

Don't get us wrong, the mediterranean sea has for so long been overfished and there are big areas with less marine life. But while diving in Cyprus for the last 15 years we are always telling people just how good it is here and the quality of the diving here. 

We also have the world famous Zenobia wreck in Cyprus which is a protected marine reserve and well know for it's fantastic popualtions of abundant marine life. Another top dive location with masses of life. This artificial reef has it's own eco system which is continually developing and gets better every year. The wreck is literally teeming with life of all shapes and sizes. Barracuda shoal in big numbers, large Grouper patrol all over the wreck at every depth and large jacks come in to hunt. There are always turtles in the summer and this 172 metre long ship is covered in every kind of small fishes. There are large Moray eels that make this wreck home too, a range of large starfish and long black sea cucumbers strewn across the starboard side. It is truly a top wreck dive and also a top destination for marine life lovers.

diving off paphos

Around Cyprus we also now have a number of protected marine reserves put in place where we have seen popuations of fish explode to the delight of our divers. These include islands, wrecks and other good diving areas including artificial reefs. This is planned to continue in Cyprus waters and with the reduction in fishing vessels this can only improve the marine life even further.

A lot of what you see underwater also heavily depends on the experience and knowledge of your dive guide and we pride ourselves on having the most experienced in the area and among the highest in Cyprus. We want our divers to experience what we would like to experience while going on a dive trip - the very best diving experience possible. We are always exploring new sites and new routes and we know the very best diving to suit our divers tastes.

So when looking to dive in Cyprus you should know that there is some of the best diving in the world with fantastic marine life and new experiences for those looking to explore it's many dive sites.

There are many dive sites for great marine life which include the Zenobia wreck, St Georges Island off the Akamas, the Constandis wreck, Lady Thetis wreck, Manajin Island, Copo Island and the Cynthiana. For deeper divers there is also the Jubilee Shoals which is a massive reef and cave complex off Pissouri.

diving with large shoal of barracuda at latchi