Sunday, 11 December 2016 11:15

Night Diving in Cyprus

Night diving in Cyprus is very popular and there are some excellent dive sites for all levels of experience. During a night dive divers can see completely different types of marine life and behaviours compared to that seen during dives in the day. Some details need to be briefed before any one does their first night dive but any qualified diver can easily experience this type of diving. It is also a good idea to have dived the site before at some stage in daylight to fully appreciate the difference in the dives and to help with orientation.

A good torch is needed to get the best from a night dive and every diver should have a good back up torch just in case of the primary failing. A torch with a good strong beam and a long burn time will also ensure the best diving and less likelyhood of any problems. Night dives tend to be shallow dives but with experience deeper dives and wreck dives for example can safely be done. Always dive slowly, be more aware of what you are diving towards and watch where you are going to avoid snagging on a rock or damaging marine life. Sweeping your torch from side to side is a good idea to give you an idea of the broader topography ahead.

night diving octopus

One thing you notice on a night dive is that all the fish have disappeared. Most are hiding in or around rocks or any kind of shelter to protect themselves from predators. At night other marine life comes out to feed or mate. In Cyprus we see a lot different sea life at night including moray eels, cuttlefish, octopus, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, squid, sand eels, shrimps, lobster, rays and many more that you don't normally see during the day.

It is also amazing how quickly your eyes and senses adjust to the dark and even if you switch off your torch you can still make out your surroundings by the light of the moon. While your torch is turned off wave your hands about and you will be treated to a light show as you gently disturb the tiny plankton and other living organisms that are in the water. These light up like a shower of bright sparks which is called bioluminescence, it is a spectacular thing to experience underwater.

Night diving in Cyprus is fantastic and a great dive experience that should not be missed. Try to ensure that you go with an experienced guide who knows the dive site very well and you will find that diving at night is another world to that experienced during the day.


cuttlefish at cynthiana dive site