Friday, 02 December 2016 11:17

Cyprus Diving and Why We Dive

While diving across Cyprus with friends, customers and divers we meet we often find ourselves discussing why it is that we are all so addicted to diving. I have often said that as long as I am underwater it doesn't matter where we are or what we see it is purely for the fact that I am underwater that addicts me to the sport. I could dive in a puddle and be happy.

One of the things I remember when I first started diving was the complete calm underwater, how quiet it was and how it really is like visiting another world. Diving around Cyprus people often talk about where they have been and what they have seen but for us this is only part of it. I often discuss that it is for the pure privelage of being able to visit the underwater world, a world that only a small percentage of us get the opportunity to see, is by far the main reason it keeps me coming back day after day. To be able to fly weightless through the water, looking at ancient rock formations as we go, the peace and quiet, how relaxing it all is and to enjoy the beauty of it all. Seeing all the many and varied marine life is just a big plus on top of all this.

When I worked in the UK and finished a stressful week the moment we would go diving and I got underwater I could feel the stress being released as I explored this other world. Indeed I would come out of the first dive completely relaxed, destressed and felt like a different person. Many people have told me the same thing and how wonderful diving makes them feel after a busy work schedule and how it completely chills them out.

ascent lines on the zenobia

When diving all you can hear is your own breathing and the bubbles heading to the surface as you breathe out. Apart from that there is total silence and a serenity found nowhere else. To see creatures that not many other people can see is a big part of why we go diving, and to see something new is always a big high. Diving around Cyprus it is amazing that almost every month we see something rare or something we have never seen before, it could even be a large shoal that is new to the area or a new part of a dive we haven't visited before. We try and make every dive a new adventure and to sense a new dive of exploration.

On recent dives we have come across a massive shoal of migrating tuna, a new fish that we have only recently identified and new marine life that has started to migrate from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

There is so much more sea to explore here in Cyprus with new things to be discovered, far more than you will ever find on land, and this is what draws us back time after time.