Friday, 21 October 2016 05:08

Technical Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus offers some of the best locations in the world for Technical Diving and Technical Diving Courses.

With deep dive sites like the Zenobia, Jubilee Shoals, St Georges Island Paphos and St Georges Island Latchi there are depths and interests to suit most divers. The Zenobia has depths from 17 to 42 metres with lots of penetration dives. Jubilee Shoals is a massive reef with a pinnacle starting at 16 metres. We have not explored all of this reef yet but there is a massive cave at 38 metres and a wall streching east to west and down to 70 metres that we know of. St Georges Island is a seamount that drops off on 3 sides to a range of very deep depths. These are excellent top dives and the best in Cyprus.

Courses start with the PADI Tec40, Tec45, Tec50 and TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures courses, the dives available are perfect for the skills which are to be completed and the depths that are required. Also the dives themselves are made on the best diving sites in Cyprus with a mass of great diving to explore these depths. Please see our technical diving page for more details.

The Zenobia wreck has depths up to 42m which are perfect for most of these courses and with locations on her that are ideal for all the skills required. Jubilee Shoals has depths from 16-70m so will satisfy most depth requirements including Trimix divers, with a massive cave at 38m and a wall stretching long and deep along the seabed.

technical diving on the zenobia

There are also excellent shallower water sites for those starting at the beginners levels for the initial skills and dives leading up to the more advanced and deeper dives.

For technical divers looking for top diving then these dive sites have something for all tastes. Again the Zenobia is a top destination for divers looking to explore her depths and the great range of penetration dives she has to offer. With the seabed littered with lorries, 3 lorry decks, staff quarters, engine room, accommodation, bridge, launderette, and places we are still discovering, there are so many dives to keep any diver occupied for weeks.

Jubilee Shoals and the Islands also have a great range of depth with some enourmous walls and caves. St Georges Island slopes off to up to 400m out to sea and is the pinnacle of a seamount. It has a 35m wall on one side and a 50m wall on the other and both then slope off to 65-70m. On Jubilee Shoals there are two underwater pinnacles and the remains of an aeroplane to the South West. It is the largest and deepest reef known today in Cyprus and is a spectacular dive.

Many technical divers now visit Cyprus to train and to enjoy the great range of top technical diving now available.