Tuesday, 11 October 2016 08:53

Scuba Diving Courses in Cyprus

Cyprus is a top dive location for all diving courses including beginners, new open water divers, advanced open water divers, speciality courses, the rescue diver course and professional levels including Divemaster and Assistant Instructor.

The diving in Cyprus perfectly suits all levels of difficulty. From crystal clear, warm, shallow waters that are perfect for beginners and new open water divers to deep wrecks and reefs that are well suited for more advanced levels and certain speciality courses.

The Discover Scuba Diving and PADI Open Water Course are among the most popular courses completed in Cyprus. This is due to a lot of people visiting Cyprus to experience diving for the first time in clear, warm waters. We also get a lot of Open Water referalls from places like the UK where people have completed the confined water sessions in swimming pools and then come out to Cyprus to finish the Open Water sessions. The dive sites we use are ideal for these levels with a range of depths to suit the course and each individuals own comfort level, and with a range of plentiful marine life to enjoy too. To try diving for the very first time is an experience not to be forgotten here in Cyprus.

Giant stride entry on the advanced open water course

For Advanced Open Water course participants it is also an opportunity to finish this great course on the famous Zenobia wreck. We normally do the last 2 dives, the Deep and Wreck dive, on this fantastic dive site. For the other 3 dives on the course there are dive sites to suit most Adventure Dives but we cannot help with anything like Ice Diver I'm afraid ! 

For the Speciality courses on offer the most popular are Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep, Navigation, Night, Wreck, Search & Recovery and Peak Performance Buoyancy to name a few. Again our dive sites on offer are perfect for all these superb diving courses.

For the Rescue Diver Course and Divemaster Course there are a range of locations to suit every aspect of these thorough courses. From shallow waters to practise your self rescue and dive skills, to varied types of entry and exits for the rescue scenarios, we have the perfect sites to test skills to the highest quality.

Seen by many as a top diving course destination, Cyprus is a great place to further your diving education, visit different parts of the island and enjoy the varied types of dives available.