Monday, 26 September 2016 10:05

Why is Diving in Cyprus so special ?

After scuba diving and technical diving in Cyprus for the past 12 years I can only say it is truly one of the best diving spots in the world.

Now let me explain why that is.

I have dived in the UK, Mexico, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Canaries and completed almost 5000 dives. Divers often say to me there are no fish in the med and I always reply by saying you need to do 2 things, dive with the right people and at least be able to dive.

Divers have dived with us, good experienced divers, and all have said what great diving there is here in Cyprus. All have returned and will continue to do so with even bigger groups to see why many have said the diving is comparable to the Red Sea and much better than the popular Malta dive sites.

Cyprus offers such a range of so very different types of diving with such a range of depths and interest. 

There is shallow diving, deep diving, large seamounts, islands, massive reefs, walls, caverns, caves, a range of stunning rock formations, a mass of varied marine life, archways, sink holes, swim throughs, wrecks, warm water, cold water, marine reserves, national parks, shore diving, boat diving..........the list is endless !

The waters of the marine reserves at the Zenobia wreck, the Limassol wrecks and St Georges Island are teeming with marine life and so many different types of aquatic creatures. There are many more planned around the island and with fishing on the decrease the future for the marine life around Cyprus looks very promising.


lionfish on the zenobia wreck