Friday, 29 July 2016 12:28

Zenobia Wreck Cafeteria Before and After

Here are some more images of the Zenobia wreck in Cyprus before and after she sank. 

These pictures show the main cafeteria as it looked complete with 70's style decor and the famous Zenobia red tartan carpet. Now it is on it's side, still with the carpet intact, and a great penetration dive for most divers due to how safe and easy it is to penetrate the area. The light fittings can still be seen, as too can the main serving area with drink vendors and general kitchen fittings. The cafetreria windows are at depth of 17 to 35 metres and the main entrance door at 26 metres.

This is just one of the many reasons why the Zenobia is still one of the top wrecks in the world. The cafeteria then leads on to the accommodation area with great swim throughs and doors to dive through with lots of points of interest. To dive through the Zenobia's accommodation area takes about 10 minutes and has drinks bottles, blankets, drivers quarters and heads, electrical fittings and lots of natural light. Again this is a safe penetration dive and is for the more experienced diver. The decor can still be seen with lino, formica and other debris strewn across the full area of the living quarters.

The picture below shows divers in the cafetreria as it is now and has to be dived to be fully appreciated.

The Zenobia is truly an incredible dive.


Zenobia wreck lorries on the sea bed