Monday, 15 February 2016 17:18

Paphos diving. Amphora at new dive site.

A group of us recently went to dive Manijin Island on a beautiful spring morning. The sea was flat calm and we had excellent visibility in the water. We have dived the island many times and always enjoyed its superb caves, walls and marine life. All of the divers were relatively experienced and we knew we would have plenty of air to make a very long dive.

diver with clay pot

The dive went as planned as always and we were enjoying another great dive. On the way back I decided to take a new route and dive a lot wider on the island as I could see in the distance an area I wanted to explore. We could see an interesting area of sand and carpets of seagrass that seemed to have some unusal shapes on the seabed. It wasn't long before we were all diving over to see what we could find.

ancient amphora diving

We came across a deeper area and on the sand were hundreds of small remains of ancient amphora. Some of it was still in quite good condition and we found an ancient anchor as well as some larger and more intact pottery. There was a pot in pretty good condition and a clay container that still had it's handle attached. These were probably used to transport water, wine or olive oil. Our air was at a level where we had to return to shore but we will return soon to explore the whole area further.

ancient boat anchor


Afterwards we wondered at how long these items had been on the seabed. You can't help but try and imagine how the ship and the people looked who put them there, and how many years it has been since the amphora and anchor were left there. Was it a ship or boat that was shipwrecked or some items that were surplus to requirements and thrown overboard.

A great dive and we will return very soon.

stage dive site in paphos