Saturday, 25 April 2015 17:12

Easter diving conditions

Easter is a fantastic time to dive in Cyprus and normally marks the start of the summer diving season. It can fall as early as March or as late as April, but the main season here normally starts in early April with holiday makers and divers starting to arrive.

The weather at Easter becomes more predictable with sunny days starting to quickly warm the sea. Daytime temperatures are on average about 25 degrees but can reach over 30 degrees quite easily. The sea in winter never really gets below 17 in the winter but can do so at greater depths. Temperatures now start to rise and can quickly reach 20 degrees by the end of April and into the mid twenties by the end of May. Perfect conditions for divers.

Easter also marks the arrival of turtles to Cyprus waters looking to mate in early spring. We have seen 3 or 4 turtles at a time and this normally involves males competing for a female. This brings turtles closer into the shore so opportunities to spot them during a dive increase greatly and they are very active at this time. It is almost possible to spot them on a daily basis especially in the Paphos and surrounding areas.

divers on the zenobia

Also at Easter the water is still of a temperature for octopus, squid and cuttlefish to be active in shallower water and for more fish species to come up into the warmer waters. Therefore it is a very good time of year to see a bigger range of marine life in the diving areas and depths at the same time.

A slightly thicker or full wetsuit are advised at this time of year and for those that feel the cold a hood or hooded vest and gloves are a good option. This will keep the vast majority of divers comfortable without having to wear too much equipment.

Sea conditions are now also excellent with the winter storms now having died away leaving flatter seas, easier diving conditions and much better visibility. This also assists with the water warming up quickly at this time of year as the sea can be so flat.

So for all kinds of different reasons the weeks either side of Easter are a great time to dive in Cyprus.