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Monday, 31 January 2022 12:41

Best Diving in Cyprus

Many people ask us which is the best diving in Cyprus, or which are the best or our favourite dive sites here.

Diving can have very personal interests and preferences when it comes to choosing which types of dive sites different divers would like to visit. Therefore the answer to this question is very dependant on each divers own interests and personal preferences.

Our answer is often about the fact that there are so many different types of dives and dive sites across Cyprus, and that each has it's own particular points of interest and range of marine life. Everyone expects most people to say the Zenobia wreck, and it is of course a great dive site, but there are so many other dives in Cyprus that are excellent and unique in their own way.

Cyprus is home to a lot of great diving with a number of wrecks, islands, reefs, marine reserves, walls, caves, seamounts, excellent night dives and a great abundance of marine life. Turtles, barracuda, grouper, wrasses, damsels, gobies, tuna, amberjacks, trevally, rays, moray eels, starfish, nudibranchs, breams, pipefish, seahorses, jellies, sea cucumbers, sea slugs, crabs, lobster and much more can all be found across many dive sites.

There is also a great range of topography that can be seen and experienced while diving in Cyprus. There are a lot of rocky reefs that have been formed into some stunning features over centuries of sea erosion. Caves, massive walls, swim throughs, arches and sink holes can be found in numerous locations. At one island in particular there is a cave, a 33m wall, a 55m wall and marine life to compete with the Zenobia on it's day with drifts and drop offs on all sides into the blue.

Varying depths across different dive sites is another great feature of diving in Cyprus. There are shallow, safe areas for new divers for example, ranges of depths to suit most recreational divers and deeper depths for more experienced divers and technical divers looking to explore deeper waters. Many dive sites in Paphos start at a few metres in depth and progressively drop off then to depths ranging from 10 to 30 metres. Jubilee Shoals off Pissouri is a massive seamount with depths from 16m to 70m, and there are a number of dive sites like the Zenobia that have dives up to 40m. The Limassol wrecks are at depths of 24m and 19m so are perfect for intermediate divers.

For us any dive is a good dive and a privilege just to be underwater, take every dive for it's own merits and take time to explore, discover and understand the beauty within every dive site.

Pistol Bay, Ampitheatre, St Georges Island, Zenobia, Elpida, Limassol wrecks, Jubilee Shoals, the Canyon, Cyclops, Cynthiana and many more are all very different dive sites and all unique in their own way. Go out there and dive for yourself, find what treasures each has to offer rather than follow another divers own preferences that he or she calls the best.