Thursday, 02 June 2016 03:18

Zenobia Wreck Birthday Diving

The Zenobia sank on the 7th June 1980 and to celebrate it's birthday we will be celebrating with 2 dives on the 36th anniversary of the Zenobia sinking to the seabed. We have dived the Zenobia for many years but every dive on this magnificent wreck is always a joy and a pleasure.

For us the Zenobia is the best wreck diving in the world. Dive the Zenobia with us on the 7th, it is always a special day to dive on this special wreck.

The wreck is now home to some of the best marine life in the meditteranean. It is a protected marine reserve and has developed it's own eco system. The vast range of life in and around the Zenobia includes large grouper, barracuda, amberjacks, tuna, turtles, parrot fish, trigger fish, moray eels, wrasses, sea bream, nudibranchs, cardinal fish, star fish, anenomes and much more including dolphin from time to time. 

The Zenobia is also a great and safe wreck to penetratre. For recreational divers there is the cafeteria, bridge, accommodation and parts of the upper lorry deck to explore. While for technical divers you can dive deeper into the wreck and see the cars, forklifts, lorries and their cargo in the upper lorry deck, middle lorry deck and lower lorry deck. The Captain's quarters, launderette, lift shaft, chain locker and many other areas are also great to explore and access depends on the experience and certification levels of the divers.

Dive the magnificent Zenobia. You will not be disappointed.


zenobia wreck starboard propellor