Tuesday, 19 October 2021 06:47

Cyprus Diving in Winter

Due to it's location in the eastern mediterranean Cyprus has a much longer summer season and milder winter than all of it's western European neighbours.

This gives Cyprus a long diving season along with an extended holiday season well into November and even early December, with many arriving on the island for the Christmas and New Year period too.

We get asked a lot of questions on the climate and sea conditions during the winter and if we even get a winter in Cyprus at all. 

Mid January to the middle of March is normally when Cyprus gets it's winter but temperatures can still be very mild. The sea can be stormy or have periods where it is dead flat with glorious winter sunshine and the sea temperature rarely drops below 17degC. At depth it can drop to 15-16degC. Therefore with one eye on the weather forecast we are able to dive all through these winter months.

The Spring here in Cyprus then tends to start in mid to late March to early and mid April. Temperatures start to climb into the early 20's but the weather is still unpredictable at this time of year and you can have a lot of rain or long periods of unbroken sunshine. The sea temperature is still at the same temperature.

From late April to the end of May is when the air and sea temperatures start to rise steadily and the weather is more predictable with daily sunshine. From the end of May then until pretty much mid November we have a lovely long summer with peaks of high air temperatures, and sea temperatures rising up towards 30degC in August and September and continuing to remain in the 20's right into November. Even in December sea temperatures can remain in the early 20'sdegC depending on the weather conditions which can again be unpredictable at this time of year. Regularly though Cyprus enjoys a lot of sunshine and warm day time temperatures right up to Christmas with a few days of rain.

So if you look at what would be the normal winter months in Europe - November is an extension of the summer normally, December can be just as lovely while getting generally cooler. January to February can have a mix of weather but you can still have long periods of t-shirt wearing weather and stunning diving conditions. March can have a real mix of weather as the island warms up and the main summer tends to start from the end of April.

Cyprus diving in winter is therefore weather dependant but you can dive here all year round and the 'winter' months can have long periods of wet or sunny conditions and is generally mild.

The other great thing, apart from being quieter, about winter diving in Cyprus is that the marine life is so different with the cooler waters. Lots of squid, cuttlefish, pipefish, octopus, jellies, plankton and new micro life can be seen in bigger numbers and the sea can be full of peculiar life forms drifting in the seas movements.

A semi dry wetsuit, dry suit or a thick wetsuit, gloves and a hooded vest are the most appropriate dive equipment to feel more than comfortable in the water and also importantly back on the shore or on the dive boat.

Cyprus diving in Winter can be fantastic, you just need to keep more of an eye on the forecasts and be prepared for the conditions to be more unpredictable than during our long summer.