Tuesday, 21 September 2021 12:31

Biggest thing you can learn in Technical Diving Training

Many recreational divers think about the step into technical diving and it can be on someones bucket list for ages. Do I step into this other world of diving ? Why do I want to do technical diving ? 

Divers are then very excited to take a new step with their diving, to understand new theory and skill sets, and to look forward to going deeper for longer.

As experienced recreational divers and Instructors many divers are pretty confident in their overall diving abilities but many see technical diving as a way of further improving those skills. However many realise during their initial technical training that their overall diving abilities were not as great as they thought they were. Another thing is all the extra kit and weight to cope with and understand both in and out of the water.

Sometimes dive professionals think we know it all and that there is nothing more to learn, but they couldn't be more wrong when they step into the technical diving world. To me it is an asset that all good professionals have and it takes your abilities and dive knowledge both in technical and recreational diving to another level.

Even if you have no interest in diving caves, wrecks or just to go deeper I would strongly encourage anyone to take a technical diving course. You will have so many eye opening moments that will change the way that you dive and possibly teach forever.

After completing your training you will still be far from an expert but have the taste and interest to do more technical dives to gain all that extra experience.

The biggest take away you will get from a technical course is not just about improving your skill as a diver but the biggest lesson is that it will humble you as a diver. You will learn that you are not untouchable in the ocean, you still have a lot to learn about decompression, you still need to work on your situation awareness and you will be more aware of your own limitations as a diver than ever before.

More than anything else this can only seriously improve anyone as a diver or diving professional.