Tuesday, 20 July 2021 05:13

Travel Update for Cyprus

After an update we wrote back in May we thought we would write a further update as so much has happened in the last 3 months.

Travel restrictions have been dropped between the UK and Cyprus along with all the other Green and Amber listed countries. Travel within the EU is a lot easier with the relevant testing required depending on each countries individual data. All travel now requires the relevant safe passes, testing and all the general mask and social distancing protocols that are required by country.

Here in Cyprus vaccinations have gone to plan and continue to increase to high levels. To date 70% have now had their first vaccination and this is expected to rise to 75% during the rest of July. Over 62% have now had both vaccinations and this will rise quickly towards the 75% mark.

Due to work and social restrictions in Cyprus you must have a safe pass or have been tested within 72 hours, therefore the testing here is almost the highest per capita in Europe. Testing elsewhere is small in comparison so as Cyprus has fully opened up and has continued with mass free testing new positive cases have grown. This has led Cyprus to being put within the Red category in the EU which requires tests at both departures and arrivals. This is an unfair reflection as if other countries in the Green category tested at the same rate their numbers would massively increase. As a result of new safe pass rules starting today the free tests here will cease in an attempt to encourage more to get vaccinated. This will in turn decrease the number of tests and therefore the numbers in Cyprus will fall and we will go into more towards the Amber and Green categories in the following weeks.

Spain, Malta and many other holiday destinations have reduced their testing to just a few thousand, if they did 75,000 per day like Cyprus or 12% of the poulation every day then Cyprus would look very good by comparison to most EU countries.

Cyprus is still a very safe destination due to low new cases, very few deaths and it is a place you can enjoy in the open air and in plenty of space. The heat here in the summer is also a positive factor in fighting the virus. Safe Passes are required now for shops and restaurants which will make these venues even safer. Masks are still being worn in these places and social distancing is also in place within the numbers and specific rules.

You can enjoy a full holiday with beaches, watersports, bars, restaurants, scuba diving, boats, shops and just about everything else fully open for locals and tourists. Dive Centres and Dive Boats are fully operational with numbers of divers steadily increasing this year. Being outside diving feels like a lovely escape from all the madness of the world at the moment.

With vaccinations and awareness we will have to learn to live with the virus and it's variants, and places like Cyprus will continue to welcome tourists into the safest environment possible.