Thursday, 08 July 2021 10:24

Choosing Dive and Accommodation packages

Many divers seek the right dive and accommodation packages to suit their experience and diving preferences. They can include individuals, couples, families and of course dive groups and clubs of all sizes.

Many dive packages are set and you have a set dive schedule with standard accommodation to suit what you are willing to pay for. For many a flexible dive package with a choice of dives and different accommodation is a better option as they can better provide what an individual or group is looking for and to best suit their diving experience.

We provide a very flexible approach as divers have differing experience levels, certain types of dives they prefer and many are looking for that personal touch to get the best possible experience from their dives. No diver wants to be stuck in a large group of mixed abilities and on a dive they don't really want to do, it is the nightmare scenario.

Take the Zenobia wreck for example, some dive groups want to spend a whole week just diving and exploring this fantastic wreck. Many experienced divers book at least 2 or 3 days out of their dive schedule on her, and some only want to do their last day on the Zenobia after exploring other types of dives across the island.

We often provide a wide range of different types of dives across the whole dive trip which can include shore dives, boat diving, reefs, caves, walls, islands, marine reserves and wrecks. For Open Water divers the package for some can include the Advanced Open Water course where they can mix up the course dives with the pleasure dives to give them perfect depth progression, varied diving and a deeper certification at the end of it.

Dive Packages over a weeks stay can be just 2 days with 4 dives, 3 days, with 6 dives, the most popular 5 days with 10 dives package and so on. Some divers even stay for 2 weeks and book up to 10 days of diving.

Flexibility in the choice of accommodation is also a priority for many divers. Some are happy with a basic apartment while others prefer a more modern, self contained apartment and then some prefer hotels, private villas or houses with a number of bedrooms to suit their group.

Here where we are based in Pissouri there is a wide choice of accommodation to suit all tastes and we are centrally located to easily reach all of the best dive sites in Cyprus.

So don't be afraid to request a flexible package that suits your dive experience, that includes the best range of diving and accommodation for you, and one that is within your budget.