Tuesday, 29 June 2021 03:25

More to Scuba than just Diving !

I start each and every Open Water class by introducing myself and telling everyone a little about myself and when and how I got into diving. Then I go around the room and ask the students to introduce themselves and talk about their reasons for learning to dive. You always get a wide variety of replies from 'I always wanted to try it' to 'because he/she are making me' and 'it's always been on my bucket list'. Little do they know the world of scuba that they are getting into.

Once you are certified you don't just dive in the same place all the time. People plan trips to various dive sites and locations, we make holidays just for diving and we work the extra shifts to pay for dive trips and equipment. There are so many diving options for divers with day trips, holiday dive packages and liveaboards across the world with a range of different types of diving. There are courses available for all tastes and interests and then there is the vast ranges of dive equipment to choose from.

In the beginning each and every dive brings in something new. Your first ocean dive, your first deep dive, your first night dive, the first time you saw a shark and so on. The excitement is unbelievable and exhausting with divers often sound asleep in the dive truck travelling back after a days diving. Even the most experienced of divers still come across many new experiences. You can dive in the same spot for years and still see or experience something new on every dive.

I have dived the Zenobia wreck in Cyprus for over 15 years and with about 1500 dives on this fantastic dive site. I am always excited to dive her and no dive is ever the same. We only dived her this week and I saw some items I had not seen before and some areas I had not explored before.

Divers all share the same passion for diving. We tell stories on dive boats and at dive sites, and everyone likes to share experiences about that common ground of diving (some more than others !). You are therefore always meeting new divers and making new friends. Those divers end up building further dive families and dive communities of which you can be part of for many years both in the water and socially.

These dive communities range from people finding regular dive buddies to good and even life long friendships.Divers also help each other out and help take care of each other on dive trips.

There really is a bigger world to scuba than just diving !