Friday, 11 June 2021 07:30

Cyprus Diving and Travel Update

With the continuing positive situation in Cyprus with regards to Covid diving in Cyprus is fully open. Dive boats and Dive Centres are fully operational with the obvious protocols all in place. Daily diving and courses are in full flow with all dive sites accessible as diver numbers this year continue to grow.

First dose vaccines have now been administered to almost 60% of the population of Cyprus with almost 40% being fully vaccinated. This is expected to reach almost 70% and 50% respectively by the end of June or early July. Along with this the number of positive daily cases is down to only about 40 to 50 per day and this figure is falling. Cyprus completes about 60,000 tests per day which is 12% of the population and positivity rates are only about 0.1 to 0.2%. Along with the summer temperatures the upcoming main season looks very positive for Cyprus.

Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, tavernas and shops are now fully open as are the beaches. Cyprus in general is ready to welcome tourists as a very safe destination and it looks to be another good year for diving tourism as was 2020.

All staff have to be vaccinated and/or have a weekly test. The local population also have to have this to be able to enter bars and restaurants etc.

Travel within Europe is now starting to open up between member states and Cyprus hopes to go into the UK's Green category at the next review in 2 weeks time. Travel from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Serbia, Switzerland and the US is also allowed to Cyprus.

Vaccination is not a prerequisite for travel but is accepted as an additional facilitator. Travelers who can prove they have received all neccesary doses will NOT be required to undergo any tests to visit Cyprus, irrespective of their departure countries colour categorisation on the traffic light system. There will also be no quarantine.

Prior to travelling all passengers must visit to find out how they can document their vaccination and issue a Cyprus Flight Pass. The flight pass needs to be applied for within 48 hours before the commencement of travel from the country of origin to Cyprus.

All of this makes Cyprus a very safe place to enjoy your holiday and diving while in Cyprus in 2021, and entry via the airports is well organised for easy entry.

We look forward to a safe and happy year of travel for everyone and that the overall situation continues to improve for everyone across the globe.