Thursday, 03 June 2021 07:25

What are the best dive options for new divers ?

New or newly certified divers often ask about what their next step should be and what dive options they have. So what comes next ?

In our experience there are some main topics we are asked about and that we discuss with new divers in order to make the most of their new found life below the waves.

This may seem like a no-brainer but before diving right into another course it's essential to gain more diving experience and our advice is to dive, dive, dive ! After getting certified find opportunities to practice and gain more comfort in the water by applying everything you have learned with dive time. The more pleasure diving you do the better and more natural everything will become as you hone your new found diving skills, especially buoyancy control. Diving with the Dive Centre you trained with is a great idea as they can continue to guide your development as you enjoy some great diving.

Another dive option then is to further your dive education. As you have become more comfortable in the water you will feel like your experience has now prepared you for the next certification level. An experienced Dive Centre and Instructor are extremely helpful resources for mapping out all the possible directions to take your dive training. The Advanced course is the natural next step giving you more experience of different types of diving and to progress your diving to deeper depths. Dive Specialities like Nitrox, Wreck, Deep, Navigation and Night are also other great examples of courses you can consider as you continue to increase your number of dives and experience.

Your personal passions for different types of diving are also a driving influence when considering your dive options. Some divers are drawn towards marine ecosystems, shark conservation, reef conservation or exploring historical wrecks for example. It is important to consider your passion when pursuing your further diving education as this can often go hand in hand.

There are many options and pathways that you can take as a new diver. Try not to let the thrill of obtaining your new certification make you jump straight into the next course right away. Hone your skills as a diver, get some dives under your belt and recognize what it is you want to gain out of diving. Apply those desires by going diving and taking some classes based on them and your personal passions. With all this you can map out a path that is suited perfectly for you and your growing experience.