Thursday, 20 May 2021 09:24

Diving in Cyprus in 2021

Diving in Cyprus is now fully open with no major restrictions on vehicle travel, numbers of divers or dive boat operations. There is the obvious distancing, equipment sanitizing and some wearing of masks etc but with managed numbers and being outdoors diving here in Cyprus is very safe and fully accessible.

With vaccinations at almost 50% of the population to date and numbers of new cases in Cyprus decreasing on a daily basis to very small numbers we also expect Cyprus to go to the Green category for many countries soon. Cyprus also has the highest daily testing rates in Europe with half of the total population being tested every week ! The positivity rate is also excellent and on average about 0.2%.

The weather here in Summer is also an advantage with the high temperatures helping to fight the virus, and being a low populated island is also a big plus in managing the situation.

The UK is due to reassess it's Green, Amber and Red categories some time at the end of May to start of June and we fully expect Cyprus to go to the Green category with the numbers and measures currently involved here. We already have tourists from a number of Green category countries holidaying in Cyprus and May is already a lot busier than May 2020 when Cyprus reopened after the Spring lockdown of that year.

Hotels, restaurants, tavernas, bars, shops etc are all open too with inside eating and drinking being reopened in June. In Cyprus in the Summer everyone is of course outside anyway in general.

We are allowed 4 people maximum in the Dive Trucks which is not a problem and we ensure distancing and hand sanitizing on the dive boats. Our equipment is fully sanitized daily within all the required protocols and temperatures are taken in the Dive Shop each day with maximum numbers allowed to enter at any one time.

As the European pictures on the pandemic improves by the day we hope to see a safe and much busier dive season for everyone during 2021. We also hope to see the main season extend beyond the normal months of May to October and well into November. Sea conditions, temperatures and the weather in general in Cyprus are generally still excellent until the end of November and often well into December too.

Everything is in place for holidays to fully reopen in Cyprus and for people to enjoy their holidays again in a safe and enjoyable environment. We hope that 2021 and beyond really does see the return towards normality for the world and for diving across the globe.