Monday, 29 March 2021 04:22

Want to be a better Diver ?

By being a responsibe diver in turn makes you a much better and more proactive diver. Scuba diving still comes with inherent risk so don't just go through the motions and be that responsible diver.

Taking responsibility for yourself rather than relying on others to cover everything you have forgotten or are not able to do will make you a much better diver, and a better dive buddy too.

Taking good care of your dive gear, before, during and after every dive is something that many divers neglect. A responsible diver makes sure everything is functioning normally, there are no rips, tears or leaks and the air they have is good. Make sure your kit is streamlined for the dive so nothing is swinging around and banging into things or getting caught. Make sure that during the dive you don't catch your suit or regs or tank on anything with good control and that your trim in the water ensures this. Your equipment should be thoroughly serviced by a competent individual annually and that means by a certified technician for the manufacturer. Just waiting for something to fail is not the time to think about getting it serviced.

After each dive the responsible diver rinses the equipment in a proper and thorough manner, dries it out of the sun and stores it correctly. Treat your equipment properly and it will look after you in the water, look good for longer and it will last a long time.

Ensuring a proper predive safety check before entering the water should be standard for every responsible and good diver. Going through the motions and overlooking detail is all too common and is an accident waiting to happen.

If we see a poor check we will quiz the diver - how much air does your buddy have ? Do the have an octopus and where is it ? Do the have a weight belt or integrated weights ? Where are the quick releases ? 

A responsible diver is a great dive buddy. They do a thorough predive safety check, make a dive plan, discuss what-if scenarios, stay close to their buddy in a good position for both, regularly check air, identify things of interest and are generally a pleasure to dive with. They will also help each other in and out of their equipment and generally make everything easier for the divers around them. Ask yourself if this is you ? Or do you do a poor predive check, have poor buoyancy, lose your buddy at times ? If you are then you need to stop going through the motions and become a more responsible diver.

Because of a lot of what we have covered already furthering your knowledge as a diver is very important. Reading articles, diving with more experienced divers, diving more regularly and taking additional courses will help you become a better diver. Keep a detailed dive log of depths, air consumption, equipment used and weighting to help with planning future dives.

Challenge yourself to become a better and more responsible diver and I guarantee you that you will enjoy your diving even more. Talk to your Instructors and Dive Centres, these people should have the experience to guide and advise further on how each individual can develop. It will open new opportunities and dive adventures as a better and more responsible diver.