Tuesday, 02 March 2021 13:01

Reasons to learn to dive in 2021

There are many reasons to learn to dive or just to try diving for the first time in 2021. Many of us are feeling that the fun stuff is on hold at the moment with all the restrictions, but things are starting to open up for 2021 and it may be time to start some new adventures.

With eLearning you can start your course by learning all the theory about scuba diving online at home so any current restrictions don't have to stop you getting started. Then later in the year you can enrol for the in water training and diving sections of your course. So if you are looking for a new adventure, to learn an exciting new skill and meet friendly like-minded people then learning to dive would be perfect for you.

Scuba diving benefits your body and mind, and can be very beneficial after experiencing all the events over the past 12 months. Physically scuba diving is a great way of staying active and mentally it is very calming. It has been proven that diving has a positive impact on mood, promotes mindfulness and improves anxiety levels. Diving is also known to improve insomnia, depression and social functioning. So learning to dive this year could do wonders for your mental health.

Our world is experiencing a climate disaster and as divers we take the protection of our planet very seriously. Learning to dive in 2021 could get you involved in conservation as many organisations promote this within their Dive Centres and Clubs etc.

Becoming a diver is like joining a worldwide society. Diving really does have the capability to connect you to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. All over the world you will have something in common with divers wherever you go to dive, and through clubs and social media groups you will be able to communicate about the same interest with other people from around the world.

Learning to dive itself is a wonderful experience. That first time you take your first breaths underwater and start to see another world is something you will never forget. The weightlessness, the incredible experience of seeing marine life and the sheer beauty of the underwater world changes the lives of many people. It offers adventures, friendships and fun like no other sport.

Need more adventures in your life ? Want to get out and do something new ? Need to feel fitter and better in yourself ? Then look no further than learning to dive in 2021.