Friday, 12 February 2021 07:12

Why is Cyprus such a top diving destination ?

Tens of thousands of people come to Cyprus every year to go diving, learn to dive or to try diving for the first time. So just what is it that makes Cyprus such a popular and top diving destination ?

We have met and spoken with thousands of divers over the past 15 years and along with our own experience it is interesting to get differing points of view from a wide range of different peoples perspectives.

For qualified divers there is of course the draw of a number of excellent wreck dive sites here, but there is also a wide range of other different types of diving available and for all tastes. There are a number of Islands and Seamounts just off the coast with a choice of walls, caves, swim throughs, sink holes, gulleys, stunning scenery and all with a big range of depths. There are numerous choices of either shore or boat dives across the island to suit all levels of divers experience and age groups. There are 10 different wrecks and all are completely different in terms of size, depths, type and levels of interest. Divers often comment that the beauty of diving in Cyprus is that all of the dives are completely different and this attracts many dive groups.

For couples and families on holiday diving is an activity that all can enjoy together. Some may choose to get their first diving qualification while on holiday or do their next training level, while many have always dreamed of trying diving for the first time and see their time in Cyprus as the ideal opportunity to give it a go. Others are looking for either a day or a number of days of diving as part of their holiday. 

The general excellent sea conditions in Cyprus along with warm waters, the general water quality, excellent visibility and safe environment are all big draws for those looking to dive in these type of conditions.

These conditions are also perfect for first experience divers and beginners training courses. They provide the ideal setting for safe, comfortable learning experiences and provide the opportunity to get the most from the experience when seeing the underwater world for the first time. It also gives the opportunity to do this in the sea rather than a swimming pool. With the varying dive sites and depths Cyprus is also an ideal location for all levels of diver training. From further education with Advanced courses, Rescue training and Speciality training to Professional courses and Technical diving there are ideal dive sites for all levels of experience.

The Zenobia wreck is of course a massive attraction to Cyprus and thousands of divers visit just to be able to dive this top dive site. You can dive her for a week and only just start to scratch the surface of what there is to explore. Those that dive the wreck always want to dive her again and again, many return each year and it attracts many dive groups.

Cyprus is now home to a number of artificial reefs and large areas of protected Marine Reserves. This has resulted in an explosion of marine life at many diving locations. The Med has not got the best reputation for marine life but if you know where to go there is some fantastic and varied marine life in Cyprus across a range of locations. Many divers have also commented on this and how much they have seen during their dives. This varied range includes Turtles, Amberjacks, Tuna, Bull Rays, Barracuda, Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Breams, Wrasses, Nudibranchs, Seahorses, Starfish, Anenomes, Corals, Sea Cucumbers, Grouper, Bass, Goat Fish, Mullet, Sea Sponges, Squirrel Fish, Hatchetfish, Flounders, Gobies, Trumpetfish, Pipefish, Jellyfish, Common Rays and much more !

We also have a selection of purpose built dive boats in Cyprus serving many different locations. With RIB's of all sizes, hard boats of all types and sizes there is something to suit everyones preferences.

Last but not least the excellent climate and air quality in Cyprus is condusive to many outdoor sports all year round, and diving as a result of all these points is one of the most popular.