Thursday, 21 January 2021 11:01

Dive Trip Planning

When planning a dive trip of any sorts there are always a number of important things to consider to ensure the best trip possible. So wether it's a local day trip or a full weeks diving holiday abroad with flights and accommodation, here are our recommendations.

A dive trip can be planned for any number of people and can be for divers to either book a full diving itinerary or to complete a training course. 

Diving trips are planned as an adventure and many divers or groups have a list of the places they want to visit. Trips need to be very well planned and certain guidelines should be followed to make it a pleasant experience.

The decision to rent equipment or purchase and take your own can depend on a number of things. It's always good to have your own kit to use but it's not always practical with possible space and weight limits. Also if you are a regular diver it is going to be cheaper and more beneficial to have your own equipment. If you only dive on a couple of occasions every year then this is less so, but we would recommend taking the essentials and for the rest make sure that the Dive Centre you are booking with has very good quality and well looked after school kit. Also make sure that any hired equipment fits you correctly and you are happy with it before going on a dive.

A mask is an essential piece of equipment to travel with. A good fit is essential and also one that is your own can lead to much more pleasurable dives as you worry less about possible leaks. A dive computer is also a personal item for your diving, as are your own regulators. All of these items are relatively small and light to pack for example. Taking your own or hiring fins, wetsuits, BCD's and so on will then depend on the environment you are diving in, personal preferences and any luggage limitations.

Make sure you also have the right clothing with you for the excursions, remember to pack any personal care items you need and medications. Check ahead to see if there are any snacks,drinks and water available where you are going or do you need to bring your own. Have you remembered your certification cards and dive log, towel, swimming costume and so on ?

Any diving holiday should be planned in advance. This will enable you to get the best flights, the right accommodation for you or your group and to discuss the best diving itinerary opportunities availble to you. 

Make sure that you have the right training level and experience for the dives you are planning, the Dive Centre you are dealing with should be helping advise you on this. This will show their competence levels and knowledge of the best dive sites for you too. A good Dive Centre should not let you dive beyond your training and experience levels, and divers planning dive trips should not look to book dives beyond their personal limits.

Have in mind the dives you would like to do or like the sound of and do some research. Ask the local Dive Centre you are talking to for their recommendations based on your own or your groups preferences.

Overall if you plan all these things in advance and gain the advise and support of a good Dive Centre you will be able to enjoy the very best, most relaxing and rewarding dive trip possible