Friday, 16 October 2020 13:01

Night Diving in Cyprus

Night diving in Cyprus offers a variety of great night dives with a completely different range and variety of marine life to see. All of the marine species you would normally see during the day go into hiding while all of those hiding during the day come out to feed.

The best night dives to see the most nocturnal marine life is along the rocky coastline areas of Cyprus. Paphos in particular has some beautiful topography and with all the rocky reefs the dive sites here come to life just after the sun goes down. Rocky harbour walls are also great night dives as their gaps and small spaces between the boulders are perfect hide outs for marine life. Creatures that you wouldn't see during the day start to emerge and include common octopus and spotted octopus out in the open, cuttlefish are everywhere, sand eels appear from sandy areas, slipper lobsters can be seen in bigger numbers at night and sea slugs of all types come out into the open. 

Sea cucumbers of all types come out in big numbers and in various colours and sizes, Triton Trumpet sea slugs are also out on the march looking for food. Sea hares are also a common sight as are shrimps and squid in the shallows.

Hunting barracuda can be attracted by the flashing torch lights of the divers as they scan for things to see. Rays can be spotted more often and while most fish are in hiding parrot fish can be seen in their protective bubbles that they produce.

There is a lot of bioluminescence to be seen for those that like to switch of their torches and wave their hands about to see the stunning light show from so many microscopic organisms.

Wrecks like the Zenobia that are home to so many fishes during the day are suddenly quiet and void of any life at night. Fish at night generally hide away for protection and unfortunately on wrecks you are normally left with just the outline of the dark wreck to explore and see. As with the reefs Moray Eels are a common sight and more often out in the open swimming around.

September, October and November are the best months for night diving as the dark comes a lot earlier and the sea conditions are at their warmest, calmest and have by far the best visibility.

So for the best night diving in Cyprus stay relatively shallow along the rocky coastlines and be ready to enjoy a whole new world compared to that you can experience during the day.