Friday, 25 September 2020 04:41

Best Dive Packages for Divers ?

We are always asked what types of dive packages we can provide and indeed there are many elements to a dive package that individuals or groups of any size can choose from. We welcome on average about 6 or 7 large dive groups each year and a great number of smaller groups, couples and individuals every year looking for the best dive package for them.

The answer from ourselves is always the same and it consists of what each individual group is actually looking for and requires plus a few recommendations from us. Each package should be flexible to suit all individuals preferences and the groups requirements as a whole. There can be a lot of different requirements that need to be packaged to suit the whole group so a Dive Centre needs to be as flexible as possible and able to meet all the agreed components to any dive package.

For example a dive package could consist of any number of days diving and any number of days accommodation. Some may want 3 or 4 days while others looking to stay for longer periods may want 6, 7 or even more days diving.

For the accommodation there may be some singles, a family group, a number of couples and so on. Therefore some may require single beds, double beds, own rooms and even their own completely separate accommodation. Those looking for holiday time in addition to their diving may prefer a different type of accommodation to those purely on a dive trip. The accommodation we often provide includes apartments of all sizes, private villas, houses, holiday complex apartments, apartment hotels and hotel rooms. With these there is then a choice of self catering, bed and breakfast and so on.

Most dive groups however usually go for the modern, spacious and fully fitted apartments that we provide from private owners.

Dive packages can also include car hire requirements, airport transfers, people arriving on different flights, dive equipment and anything else that is required or recommended for each individual enquiry.

For the diving itself there is then a lot to consider to provide the best package of dives to suit everyone involved. There may be personal preferences like wreck enthusiasts who prefer to do as many wrecks as possible or to explore the Zenobia over a number of days. A lot also depends on the experience levels and depth certification of the divers and who wants to dive together. You can plan it so that the divers can all dive together or split on certain dives to suit differing experience and depths.

One package of dives would be completely different for a group of mainly novice divers to that for a group of very experienced divers looking for a certain range or type of diving. For a mixed group we would have buddy groups by experience levels and we have no more than 4 divers to 1 experienced dive guide.

Many divers like a good mix of different types of dives that we often provide. These include dives for the best marine life, a range of wrecks, big reefs, islands and pinnacles, stunning topography and a range of dives that takes people to many different parts of this beautiful island.

So whenever we receive an enquiry for a dive package we always make sure that the final proposal is one that suits all the requirements through gaining a good understanding of what each individual enquiry is looking for and what suits them best.

The best dive package for any individual or group of any size is one that is based on all these elements and more, and it takes an experienced Dive Centre to professionally help divers agree on the best overall package for them.